Joe’s Cole Slaw

My mother’s boyfriend Joe makes absolutely amazing cole slaw. Hell, his food in general is just amazing, but especially his cole slaw. I’m still trying to get him to give me the recipe. It’s tangy and sweet at the same time, with bits of carrot and red pepper and god knows what else.

Cole Slaw

It’s so cool that he’s such a foodie. I like cooking for him because he’s willing to try anything I put in front of him. Last week? I introduced him to truffle salt, red currant jelly, and a few other things. It’s wild to watch his face light up when he tries something (or a combination of foods) that he hasn’t had before. I wish all of my friends/family were as willing to try new things. So here’s to you, Joe, and your foodie leanings. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Joe’s Cole Slaw

  1. OhioMom

    I love cole slaw, but I am the only one in this household that eats it, so I usually cut off about a 4th of the head of cabbage for slaw for me, and smother the rest for the food critic.

    Fried fish and coleslaw are a summer favorite of mine.

    Hope you can get Joe to share 🙂

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