Farm Fresh and Local Produce – 7/26/08

This weekend is a little different than most, as we have family visiting from Pennsylvania – nonetheless, I still wanted to keep my Saturday morning farmers market ritual, and Paul’s sister came along with us this morning. We got a fairly early start on this cloudy, cool and humid day, and got to the North Market around 7:30. After getting a full pound of mushrooms (okonomiyaki is on the menu this weekend!) from Toby Run, I wandered around a bit, and picked up some eggplant, poblano peppers, regular and grape tomatoes and cabbage from Wishwell Farms, along with some plums and a couple of other things from some of the other vendors. Kevin from Just This Farm finally has harvested his hard neck garlic, it’s not to be missed.

Hard Neck Garlic

After some detours (it looks like there was some kind of race going on downtown today), we headed to Worthington, and got there before 8:30 – it was already packed again with everything in full swing. It looks like the harvest season is finally here in most of its glory, with plenty of corn, peaches and other stone fruit, the first of the heirloom tomatoes, and several other things. The spring flowers have crossed over into summer, with all manner of sunflowers, and these unidentified beauties:


I couldn’t resist picking up a bunch of carrots from The Golden Beet Farm – their produce always looks so fresh and lovely, and their setup is so darn appealing – this is one of my favorite vendors at Worthington. I also picked up some baby squash here to grill later this week.


And although I’m not a beet fan, another vendor at Worthington had these beets that almost had me convinced to give them another try.


And also at Worthington (novel idea, but I didn’t pick one up – this week) were these popcorn cobs – not sure how these work, but it looks like a great idea.


Finally it was off to Clintonville, which was a throng of people that was barely passable when I got there at 9:30. I waited in line to pick up my eggs and some donuts (didn’t get these today, but don’t these mini fry pies at the 2Silos stand look divine)?

Amish Fry Pies

After I picked up my eggs, I tried to gingerly make my way through the crowd, but I didn’t get very far because I was afraid my eggs were going to break because people were getting totally in my personal space. So we cut Clintonville short, but got what we came for. I was surprised to see Snowville Creamery there (as a reader told me they wouldn’t be there any more this season), and they let me know they’d come when there is space at the market (there’s no way for them to know that in advance). I did find out that they also sell at the Pearl Alley Market and one other (forgot the name – Jefferson? Jeffersonville?) in the area, so I’ll have to check those out.

Well, off to fire up the stove and cook. Sis-in-law is making stuffed cabbage rolls and I’ll be helping her roll. We just got done with a lovely local lunch of fried Leona bologna sandwiches and corn on the cob. I know I still have tons of posts to catch up on (including this month’s Taste & Create), but things have been hectic around here with visitors in town and I promise I’ll catch up soon.

So what markets did you go to today? What did you get, and what are you planning on making with it?

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  1. rainbowbrown

    Those carrots do looks wonderfully vibrant. My farmers market trip was abundant today. I got okra, pattypan squash, some beautiful early tomatoes, torpedo and walla walla onions, tiny eggplants and some figs and peaches. I had fig and peach compote for breakfast and spent the day in a pickling frenzy. What fun. Delicious fun.

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