TWD: Summer Fruit Galette


The recipe that Michelle in Colorado Springs chose for this week’s edition of Tuesdays with Dorie was a timely one, as I had a collection of stone fruit that I picked up this past weekend that really needed to be used up one way or the other. What I didn’t have, however, was a lot of time, so I took a short cut and used a Pillsbury crust. I really wish I would have had the time to make it from scratch, but that wasn’t in the cards.

Mixed Fruit Galette

The galette, despite using pre-made crust, was quite delicious. I find that too often fruit pies are too sweet – the custard topping lent just the right amount of sweetness to enhance the natural sweetness of the fruit, not overpower it. For the fruit, I used a combination of plums, peaches, and apricots. Fantastic, and we wiped it out (along with my mom having a piece) in one sitting. This one is a keeper.

18 thoughts on “TWD: Summer Fruit Galette

  1. Well, you got it made and everyone enjoyed it. That’s what matter the most. Looks great.

  2. oh, you really should keep some of Dorie’s crust in the freezer!! This looks great, though!

  3. YUMMM…yours looks great!
    Its fine that you used a pre-made crust…I’m guilty of that one too somtimes, just makes it a tad bit easier on us…but dories crust really was verrrry good.
    Great job!

  4. I couldn’t resist coming over from Whisk Wednesday to see what you did for Tuesdays with Dorie, and I have to say, THAT LOOKS FABULOUS. I am finding it difficult to resist the temptation to lick the screen of my monitor. Quit taking such excellent photos!

  5. It looks absolutely incredible. I agree, it’s a keeper. I’m going to be looking for excuses to make this.

  6. Here I sit dreaming of just a tiny piece. Whoops, looks like I have a bit of custard on my chin. Don’t wake me…

  7. You said it perfectly… the custard added a balance of sweetness without upstaging the fruit. Great job!

    I’ll miss your thoughtful commentary on future TWD assignments, but I wish you the best and I’ll continue to read along with your adventures.

  8. That’s a beautiful galette! Hope you have the time to try out Dorie’s pie crust sometime, it’s superb. Galettes are so fun and versatile!

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