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Trying to get my Taste & Create entry posted this month has been a complete and utter comedy of errors. First, stupid me waited until the last minute to get this done. Mistake #1. Partially because there were so many awesome recipe on Kit’s Chow that I had a hard time deciding. I had finally decided on making her Sweet and Sour Caramelized Pork Spare Ribs, even went and got the stuff I needed to make it, then my husband read the recipe and nixed it because of the part of the recipe that said “the only drawback is that the kitchen will smell of grease and smoke. So be sure to turn on the range hood and open alll the windows” – with guests coming on the weekend, I guess the last thing he wanted was a kitchen that smelled like a kitchen. So I got overruled.

So then I had decided on making the Wok Fried Mac recipe – again, even made sure I had all the ingredients. Since I was running really late already, I had planned on making it Friday night for Paul’s family when they got here. Then (somewhat due to food dislikes of our guests) we ended up having to change the menu completely, so it got taken off the menu in lieu for something more to their liking.

I even played around with the idea of making the Spinach with Garlic, but then decided against it because I felt it would be a cop out to make such a simple side dish and call it my entry. But time is ticking along, and at this point, I wanted to make SOMETHING good, just nothing that would take a lot of time or effort in shopping for (in other words, whatever I made, I wanted it to be something I already had all the ingredients for).
So in the end, I decided on her Microwave Chocolate Pudding. Let me just apologize in advance for probably the most unappetizing photo you’ll ever see here on Columbus Foodie. I honestly debated about whether I was going to post it or not. But I figured that you all like reading about the mistakes as well as the successes, so here it is in all of its glory. It tasted much better than it looks, I promise.

Lumpy Chocolate Pudding

I think my mistake was that I followed the recipe (microwave included) rather than making it on the stovetop like she did. It met the same fate that almost all of my attempts at chocolate pudding face – it was so very, very lumpy. But the flavor was good (make sure you use a good brand of cocoa powder – I used Penzey’s), similar but so much better than what you get at the supermarket. Now, if I could just get the lumps out…

Bear in mind that this reflects completely on us and not on her recipe. Hers came out smooth as can be. I’m a pudding disaster waiting to happen. Give the recipe a try, but make sure you follow her modifications when you do. 🙂

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  1. Maureen M.

    I looked at the photo and got hungry for refried beans and then read the post. I got an inkling before I got too far that it might not be what I thought it was.

    I have Penzey’s cocoa powder… I could make pudding with it…

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