Bookmarked Recipes: Killer Meatloaf

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For this week’s edition of Bookmarked Recipes, I picked a recipe from the blog [No Recipes] for Killer Meatloaf that caught my eye while reading my feeds. You’ll see why in a second. While this may look like a plain old meatloaf on the outside:

Stuffed Meatloaf - Outside

the inside holds a bunch of surprises:

Stuffed Meatloaf - Inside

Yes, that is a hard boiled egg you see. And bacon. And red peppers. I just *had* to try it. And I’m not sorry I did. It was much different from the meatloafs I usually eat. In a good way. But in the same respect, it didn’t really remind me of meatloaf, if you know what I mean. I’d maybe make it for company, but will probably go back to my normal meatloaf recipe, because it’s a little less time consuming. And start using the glaze for this meatloaf for that. That part, at least for me, is a real keeper. Be sure to check out the other great recipes on [No Recipes].

7 thoughts on “Bookmarked Recipes: Killer Meatloaf

  1. Joelen

    This reminds me of an ethnic (Filipino) dish called embutido where its our version of an egg stuffed meatloaf! Looks so tasty and bringing me back to my childhood!

  2. Paul B (you know who I am)

    That was some great meatloaf indeed — especially the glaze. It was a bit odd, with the thick-cut bacon and the eggs baked into it, but it was very satisfying.

    I should know, I knocked off over half of it myself. 🙂

  3. Ruth E

    I can’t remember ever having meatloaf before but this sounds incredible!!!! That egg looks awesome!

    Great entry for bookmarked recipes!

  4. sandy gourdine

    someone please help! I simply cannot find the recipe for the Killer Meatloaf. I’ve been looking for this for years, ever since I had some at a pot luck dinner. I really want to surprize my family. Can someone send me the recipe or direct me where to go?

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