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A while back, I signed up for a blog event hosted by Megans Cookin and Abby Sweets called Taste Like Home where I would be matched with someone else, and would send them some local goodies in exchange for some of their local goodies. Well, I got my package from Tommi of Brown Interior a couple of weeks ago, and am just now getting around to posting about it.

Tastes Like Home

Tommi sent me a lovely selection of goodies from her part of California. My husband scarfed up 99% of the Pecan Brown Sugar Delcos as soon as I took the picture, I was lucky to get a taste! The Nettle tea has been coming in handy with trying to deal with edema in a natural way. I’ve yet to try the other stuff (dressing, roasted garlic peppercorn catsup, and the chocolate), but can’t wait to do so. I was very pleased with what she sent, as I love products that are local to one’s area.

So what did I send her? Check her blog soon to see….

3 Responses to “Taste Like Home Swap”

  1. megan Says:

    I’m so glad you joined the swap. That catsup and chocolate look pretty interesting! Enjoy!

  2. Joelen Says:

    What a great swap package of goodies!!

  3. rainbowbrown Says:

    So glad you liked it! Nettle tea is some of my favorite stuff and it’s nutritional value is intense. Enjoy the rest!

  4. Jack Says:

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  6. WaltamIft Says:

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  7. Nathsmoode Says:

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  8. RafaAdaddy Says:

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  9. BrenFoero Says:

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  10. RobeInjema Says:

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  11. MelvJoussy Says:

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  12. RobeInjema Says:

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  13. BrenFoero Says:

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  14. Willkile Says:

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  15. Richimmexy Says:

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  16. BrenFoero Says:

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  17. Jason Rowe Says:

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  18. Willibap Says:

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  19. Enriqquom Says:

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  20. Nathsmoode Says:

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  21. WillEmpome Says:

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  22. EdwaWromy Says:

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