One Local Summer 2008 – Week 12


Wow, summer really is winding down now, isn’t it? Sadly, next week is the last week of One Local Summer, which seems to be over as quickly as it began. Is it just me or did summer just fly by? Why does winter seem to drag on, while summer is “blink and you’ll miss it”?

For this week’s edition of One Local Summer, I made a recipe that I’ve done previously, this time making it with as many local ingredients as possible. Making moussaka in late August/early September is starting to become something of a tradition around here. I was tempted to try a new recipe, but this one is just so good that I don’t even want to look for another. The kalamata olives in the sauce is what makes it special. You can find the recipe here. I kind of screwed up and made the non-modified version, but it still came out tasting pretty good, just way too meaty.


Local Ingredients:
Ground Lamb from Cota Farms (Cardington, OH), bought at Clintonville Farmers Market
Eggplant from Wish Well Farms (Bellfontaine, OH), bought at North Market Farmers Market
Potatoes and Onions from Pop & Judy’s Patch, bought at Worthington Farmer’s Market
Garlic from Little Wild Micro Farm (Westerville, OH), bought at Clintonville Farmers Market
Oregano and Basil from my backyard
Walnut Creek Butter (Ohio-based)
Snowville Creamery milk, bought at Clintonville Farmers Market
Eggs from 2 Silos (Mt. Gilead, OH), bought at Clintonville Farmers Market

Now I just need to start sourcing more Ohio staple items, and I’ll be set…