Farm Fresh and Local Produce – 8/30/08

What does it say about me that I never made it to Clintonville today because I blew my whole budget mid-way through Worthington? Last week, all the shopping I did was for the BBQ on Sunday, and other than that, I spent the whole week eating convenience foods (I think I kind of knew I was coming down with something and took that into account when shopping last week). So needless to say, I got a LOT of stuff today. I just went plum hog wild, as they say.

We were up to all hours of the night playing Rock Band on the Wii, but still got up and out the door by 7:15. Most of the vendors were set up at the North Market by the time I got there. I picked up a lot of staple items – onions, sweet potatoes, red bell peppers, etc. But over at Bridgman Farms, I was charmed by these teeny tiny eggplant, each one no longer than my finger, and not that much wider than a thumb. I’m not sure yet exactly what I’ll be doing with these – all I know is that it will be tasty.

Baby Eggplants

From the same vendor, I also picked up some heirloom tomatoes and a pint of my favorite Sungolds. Enjoy them while they’re still around, folks. It seems like the farmers market just started, and here we are approaching fall already. Is it just me or did summer FLY by?

Sungold Tomatoes

Over at Rhoads they had freestone white peaches, so I picked up some of those for making something soon – maybe some cobbler, maybe something different? They looked and smelled too good to pass up. I also got some Bosc pears over at Quiver Full Farms, plus a pound of shiitake mushrooms from Toby Run.

Loved the look of these heirloom tomatoes over at Comb’s Herbs.

Heirloom Tomatoes

You can tell that fall is nipping at your heels with the arrival of two things – OSU football and apples. Today is OSU’s first home game and getting around on 315 was a friggin’ nightmare this morning. And apples? Everywhere I looked today. Like these Macintosh? apples from the Orchard of Bill and Vicky Thomas.


By this time in the growing season, most summer squash is the size of a baby’s arm, but Toad Hill had some normal sized yellow squash that looked really good.

Yellow Squash

So, off to Worthington. Even with the snarls in traffic, we got there really early, around 8:20ish or so. I picked up a really fragrant honeydew from Wishwell Farms, and then stood in an already long line at Crum’s to pick up a couple of quarts of some nice looking fall strawberries and a punnet of raspberries. I got a few other items here and there – a few bulbs of garlic to separate and plant in my garden bed so I have home-grown garlic next July, and also some carrots and a few baskets of these Italian Prune Plums for making my yearly dose of German Plum Cake this week.

Italian Prune Plums

More beautiful flowers for sale everywhere – these little ones (again, don’t know the variety) were my favorites this week.

Purple Flowers

Over at Wayward Seed Farm, I got more ground cherries, some Russett-like potatoes, and another variety of fingerlings. I got corn at Wegman’s, with plans of making a lamb chorizo/heirloom tomato/sweet corn risotto this week. And picked up a really great looking Heirloom Tomato Tart and a tasty lemon-blueberry muffin (which I already devoured while typing this, yum!) at the Sassafras Bakery stand. Got some lemon quark from Blue Jacket Cheese to go with the berries. Also got 40 pickling cukes so I can make another batch of pickles tomorrow to put up for the winter. A few other things that are slipping my mind at the moment, I’m sure….

As I said, I skipped out on Clintonville entirely this week. I had pretty much gotten everything I needed (and already spent the money I had taken out) at the other two markets, so no need to stop there, especially since it was already after 9am and Clintonville becomes unbelievably crowded if you wait until after 9 to get there. I’ve got enough eggs to carry me through the week anyway, so I’ll survive.

So where did you go and what did YOU get? What are your cooking plans for all those locally grown goodies this week?

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