Buffalo Chicken Pizza


Recipe Remix is an food blogging event that asks you to take a typical dish, and then do an unusual variation of it somehow. The theme for this round is summer cookout foods like hot dogs, hamburgers, pizzas, potato salad, etc.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Ever since I’ve discovered that you can make perfectly tasty pizza on a BBQ grill, I’ve been trying different variations. This particular one came about a few weeks ago when our electric went out for several hours. I had to find something to cook that could be done completely on the outdoor kitchen, and this was it – I sauteed the chicken breast and onions on the stovetop outside (and doused it liberally with wing sauce), and grilled the pizza dough and finished it it on the BBQ grill. The Cambozola cheese added just the right amount of blue cheese bite. This one is a keeper.

I think I’m going to try a peach/prosciutto/goat cheese variation of pizza tonight. Any other unusual combinations that I should perhaps try?

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