Duck Fat Fried Potatoes

Since Paul has switched to working nights, I’ve been making him a lot more breakfasts. I figure since he’s making the sacrifice to work his tail off while I sleep soundly, the least I can do is welcome him home in the morning with a nice hot breakfast.

Duck Fat Fried Potatoes

That being said, I’m not above using convenience products. One of my favorite ones to use is the “Simply Potatoes” (or Aldi equivalent) cubed potatoes with onions – they are already partially parboiled so only take 12-14 minutes to brown completely on the stovetop. What makes them truly decadent, though – is that I fry them in duck fat. The duck fat adds a boost of flavor that takes potatoes from meh to sublime. I’ve been serving this up to him with some center cut bacon (baked in the oven, natch – on a cookie sheet at 400 degrees until crispy) and cheesy scrambled eggs and he’s been in hog heaven.

What’s your favorite breakfast to start (or end) the day?

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