So Sweet, So Crisp, So Fleeting…

Alas, as soon as they arrive, they’re almost gone. Only one farmer had Honeycrisp apples last week. Only one. I live for September, for the sweet, sweet taste and crunch of the lovely Honeycrisp. But it seems the rest of you love them as much as I do, and have exhausted the local supply weeks ahead of schedule. 😉

For posterity, so I can stare at it a few months from now and drool:

Honeycrisp Apple Half

One thought on “So Sweet, So Crisp, So Fleeting…

  1. Cherryjubli

    I love those apples. I just discovered them this year. One of my co-workers told me about them. I am not a sweet apple girl my favorite are granny smith’s, but I cannot believe how good Honeycrisps are. I was able to get them for a good two months. I am in love!

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