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I’ve made no secret in the past for my love of the North Market – but for the purpose of the To Market, To Market blogging event that asks us to talk about our favorite markets, I’m going to do a post that’s been a while in the making, to talk about a few of my favorites at the North Market.

Every year at the Apron Gala, Bluescreek has ham balls, which are one of my favorite things ever. Ground ham (and pork, I believe) with pineapple and their own secret spices, their ham loaf mix is something of beauty. But you can also roll them into balls and bake them in the oven until they’re done, and they make great appetizers. It’s also works wonderfully as the base for CaJohn’s Hawaiian chili. It’s one of those things that I can get from the North Market that are extremely versatile.

Ham Ball

Another one of my shortcut items from the North Market is duck fat and/or confit from North Market Poultry in Game. Duck fat makes *everything* taste better – one of the things I’ll be making soon is Duck Fat Fries. And confit? A little goes a long way and packs a ton of flavor.

And let’s not forget the great lunches at the North Market. One of my favorites, and one that I don’t get often enough, is the Broken Noodle Salad at Lac Viet (excuse the pic, the original was really harsh and I was playing around with some of the new photo editing features of Flickr).

Broken Noodle Salad

And then there’s the Linguine with Clam Sauce at Pastaria. I’m not a huge fan of clams, but I love love love their clam sauce. Creamy and flavorful, and goes perfectly with their fresh linguine.

Linguine with Clam Sauce

One of my husband’s favorite places to go is Firdous Express. We still miss the original Firdous restaurant (used to be in Upper Arlington) terribly, so this is as close as we can come these days. Here is one of his recent lunches of Chicken with Lentil Rice.

Chicken with Lentil Rice from Firdous Express

So what are some of your favorite things at the North Market?

2 thoughts on “North Market Favorites

  1. Alana

    How can you pass up the Pad Thai at Nida’s or any of her sushi — in and out and not a lot of money for good quality…have been going to her since not long after she opened and love her and the fact that she knows all of her regulars.

  2. maddy

    Jenis spendid ice creams is delicious and Flavors of India has some of the best Indian food I have ever had.

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