Farm Fresh and Local Produce – 11/1/08

I apologize for the delay in getting this posted – I spent most of last night in Cleveland, so I didn’t have an opportunity to post before leaving. Well, this was pretty much the last week for farmers marketing, with Worthington closed for the season and Clintonville ending this week. There are supposed to be a few stragglers coming to the North Market every week for the next month or so, but as a general rule, it’s done until spring. Luckily, this year, we have *two* winter markets, one in Worthington and one in Clintonville. More about that later.

I wasn’t in much of a rush yesterday, and slept in until 8:30 or so, getting to the markets a little after that when it was fully light out. There wasn’t much on my list this week. I knew I had to stop at Wayward Seed Farm to get some of that wonderful heirloom Thelma Sanders White Acorn Squash (more about that later, too – in my post about last week’s Harvest Dinner at Trattoria La Tavola). There was one left, so I definitely grabbed it asap.

Someone brought the last of their peppers, which they picked before the heavy frost we had this past week.


And someone else (Toad Hill, I believe) had the most tender looking lettuce – I’ll miss fresh salad greens.


I did manage to get some of the pumpkin quark and fresh cheddar curds that everyone has been raving about at Blue Jacket Cheese (not picture) – here’s a picture of their goat cheese roulade:

Goat Cheese from Blue Jacket

The season at Wayward Seed seems to go on and on – they brought these beautiful breakfast radishes:

Radishes from Wayward Seed Farm

Along with some pak choi (something I’ve never cooked with, but want to eventually):

Pak Choi from Wayward Seed Farm

And yams – I’m not sure if these were from Wayward Seed or Persinger Farms:


These turnips were from Persinger Farms, who said this is their last week at the market as well.


After rounding out my purchases at the North Market, I headed over to Clintonville, where I picked up my eggs and dropped off some of the cartons I’ve been saving up. I was really disappointed to find out that Worthington Winter Market had turned down her application as a vendor this year, and done so too late for her to get a spot at the Clintonville Winter Market, essentially leaving her out in the cold this year. Sad, because 2Silos would be a great addition, and one of the reasons I went to last year’s market so faithfully.

After saying goodbye to some of my favorite farmers, it was off to come back home, wistful that it’s all over again (barring special markets and the winter market) until next year. While it will allow me to sleep in each weekend, it’s still a major part of my life that I’ll miss. I’ll try to keep you guys updated about the winter markets, although I can’t guarantee that I’ll go every week.

So which markets did you go to yesterday? Is there anything you stocked up on?

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  1. Anne

    No 2Silos at Worthington this winter? That totally sucks! I know they weren’t there all the time last winter, but I did really look forward to seeing them .

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