Makeshift Jeni’s Neapolitan

Another quick post about the last hurrah of summer. I absolutely love Neapolitan ice cream, but unfortunately most of the time I see that flavor, it’s from one of those cheap, fluffy brands that I can’t stomach. So this summer when Jeni’s still had strawberry ice cream, I made my own version of Neapolitan:

Jeni's Ice Cream

Absolutely divine. And yes, I know it’s November. I still can’t get enough Jeni’s ice cream, as the pints of Heirloom Pumpkin Mascarpone and Goat Cheese w/ Fig Almond Cognac will attest. 🙂

It travels well, too – with the aid of dry ice. I brought some up to Cleveland last week for a friend’s birthday, and I believe it was just as rock hard frozen when it got there as when they packaged it up 6 hours earlier.

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