Robin’s Italian Cafe is Closing

I’m so sad – just found out tonight that my favorite little comfort Italian joint, Robin’s Italian Cafe, (see the review I did last week) will be closing after tomorrow night. What’s frustrating is that they’re closing not because of anything they did, but because they’re a victim of a bad economy and a not-so-great location. I’ll really miss them.

If you get a chance, stop in sometime tomorrow, even if just for a pop or a salad or a dessert, to let them know there’s love out there for a locally owned business and to convince Robin to give the restaurant business a try when conditions improve.

8 thoughts on “Robin’s Italian Cafe is Closing

  1. penny

    hi my mom and i want to see and talk to robin but never got their number i just love everyone there like family and upset i will never talk or see again if anyway they can get my email address please give it to them thanks so much so sad penny and maxine

  2. Paul Ferrara

    Believe me, it WAS because of what she did. I can name you a half-dozen much better Italian restaurants that did not close this week. As a matter of fact, her former boss, Butch, is still open.

    Sorry, Paul

  3. AJ

    Paul, I can’t agree with you more. This restaurant had been open for decades under several different operators and Robin was able to kill it in only 3 short years. Blaming Robin’s failure on the economy or the location is a lame excuse and is what every failed restaurant operator does. Hopefully, Butch will come back and pick up where he left off!

  4. Will

    Im very upset that Paul and the other person that responded doesn’t know good italian food when they see it.I went to Robin’s/Butch’s for many years.Robin was the Head Chef for 14 years.The restraunt was busy for years until the Eastside started going downhill.Every Restaurant on East Main St is closing down.I loved Robin’s and the people that worked there we will miss GREAT ITALIAN FOOD!!!

  5. Friend of Robin

    I know Robin and her family personally and also know that she did everything in her power to continue to stay open. However, to avoid having to sacrifice her families future on a buisness that is always a competition and in a location where the neighborhood is not thriving she decided to close the place. She is hoping to try again when the situations are more promising and the economy is better. Also, I wanted to point out that not only was she the head chef for Butch when he owned it, she basically ran the whole place. To say that she is responsible to the failure of the restaurant is like saying that the car companies are responsible for the lack of car sales. The economy is not doing very well and people are not spending like they used to. One other thing, Butch does have a new restaurant in Canal Winchester in a location that has heavy traffic. Robin’s is in an area that has been hit hard with unemployment and empty buildings and the location is somewhat hidden from the traffic area.

  6. Stephanie

    My husband and I were greatly saddened the night we went to Robin’s (our favorite Friday night after work getaway) and found it closed. We LOVED the food and the warmth of Robin and her staff. Yes, Butch is still open in Canal Winchester…we passed his restaurant on the way to Robin’s….it is about 10 miles closer to us than her restaurant was, but we didn’t feel the quality was nearly as good as hers. As has been previously stated, his place is in a much busier, thriving area. We hope and pray for the best for Robin and her family, and hope that she will be able to start back up again soon.

  7. Jeff B

    I was just reading this week's (5/27/09) Other paper, and saw Robin's in the restaurant listings. I guess nobody bothered to tell them the place has closed. My co-workers and I all loved Robin's. It was a great place to eat because the food was excellent, and the prices were reasonable, particularly the lunch and early bird specials. The food snobs in Columbus think "good" Italian is all about fancy dish names and wine selections. Being raised by an Italian mother, I can tell you really good Italian food is about the simplicity of flavor and who you are sharing it with.

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