Farm Fresh and Local Produce 12/13/08

Well, not a lot of produce to be had at this past weekends’ Winter Markets, but what else do you expect for the middle of December?

Let me just start by saying that like last year, I’m absolutely thrilled that there are farmers markets in the winter – I absolutely live for going to the farmers markets each weekend during growing season, and the opportunity to go during the off months and see some of my favorite farmers? Bonus.

We got to Worthington right about 10am when it opened, and let me tell you, folks – it was beyond crowded. Which would be OK if everyone behaved all civilized-like, and had some manners, but worked my last nerve about the 5th time I got pushed out of the way or cut in front of in line, or almost hit in the parking lot so someone could jump ahead of the orderly line waiting to turn out and cut in front of everybody. For the most part, though – people were rude, rude, rude. But I don’t think it’s just a Worthington Market thing, I’ve been noticing that people have been more rude than usual all over town for weeks now. But I digress.

Back to the market. Not a lot of produce to be had. I saw a little bit here and there, but most of it was exactly what you’d expect to get in mid-winter, and as I’ve already got a lot of that type of stuff (potatoes, onions, squash) in storage, really didn’t need any. I was thrilled to see Dawn from Mockingbird Meadows, and disappointed that they didn’t find a way to squeeze in Denise from 2Silos like last year.

Sage Honey

H-W Organics by far had the most produce, like these green beans:

Green Beans

I saw lots of garlic. I love garlic (remind me to update you all on the progress of the garlic I planted a couple of months ago come spring – I figured I’d find a way to make the dirt work for me this winter, LOL).


I did manage to pick up a little something, some cheddar curds and some feta (who knew they made feta? you’ve all been holding out on me!) from Blue Jacket Cheese.

Blue Jacket Creamery Cheese

I was sorely tempted by a shiitake log from one of the farmers, but Paul reminded me that we really don’t have anywhere to put it. Oh, how I miss my locally grown shiitake mushrooms. So anyway, we managed to make it through by like 10:15, and it was off to the races.

Or rather, to the new winter market this year, which is held at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Clintonville. It was a pretty big space, so I was surprised that they didn’t allow more farmers (this was another one that Denise had tried to get into, only to be told it was full). Not quite as much produce here (lots of arts & crafts), but it did have a few unique offerings.

One such unique offerings were gingerbread tiles and springerle, which reminds me of some of the stuff my great-grandparents made when I was growing up. The detail on the springerle was amazing, and the gingerbread tiles? Yum. I got some of both to take home and share with my mother.

Ginger Tiles

And my favorite apple cider purveyor (Och’s) was there, so I got some apple cider (I think theirs has the best flavor locally) and some locally grown red potatoes. Another standout was new to me Osage Lane Creamery who had the most amazing goats milk feta I have ever tasted. While definitely not a bargain at $17.99/lb, it was worth every penny. Believe me, if you see it – get it.

And there was wonderful artisan bread to be had. I didn’t get any (didn’t have anything planned that crusty bread would go well with), but take a look:

Artisan Bread

Both markets are pretty much on hiatus until after the new year, after which they’ll pick up again – please take a moment to visit the sites for both (Columbus Winter Farmers’ Market and Olde Worthington Indoor Winter Farmers Market) , and I hope to see you there!

4 thoughts on “Farm Fresh and Local Produce 12/13/08

  1. Louise

    There are many farmer’s markets in PA that remain open as long as possible before the winter settles in. Your outing appears to have been quite successful. Do tell about the garlic planting. I planted some saffron bulbs for the first time and I can’t wait to see what happens in the spring.

  2. Mayda

    Thank you for reviewing the Columbus Winter Farmers’ Market. We are still growing and improving as this is our first year. I look forward to seeing you at the market again soon. Happy New Year!

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