Kartoffelsalat mit Würstchen

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If there’s one staple to the German diet, one dish that every German housewife makes, it would be potato salad and sausages. There are as many different recipes as there are housewives, but this one from East Meets West is the closest I’ve found to my Oma’s recipe. It has a wonderful flavor to it, nice and vinegary and salty from the bacon without being too sweet like many recipes for German potato salads are. My husband put it all together, and raved about what little touches like cooking the potatoes in beef broth did to the final flavor to the dish. We served it with some frankfurters from Thurn’s, to which we added a touch of butter to the pan at the end to enhance the browning and add a bit more of a crunch to the casing. Perfect combination of food, and a dish we hope to make again real soon. We kept the recipe mostly intact, the only difference we made was using double-smoked bacon from Thurn’s which we diced up before sauteeing it.

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Kartoffelsalat and Wurstchen

Kartoffelsalat mit Würstchen
recipe slightly modified from East Meets West

1 Kg Potatoes
Meat Stock (of which 200ml goes into the salad)
200g Bacon (we used slab double-smoked, which we diced)
1 Onion or 2 Shallots (half to be cooked and the other half used raw)
1 Tbsp Oil
3-4 Tbsp good quality White Wine Vinegar
2-3 Tbsp Mayonnaise
1-2 Tsp Moutard de Dijon
Salt and Pepper to taste
Spring onions for garnishing

Peel the potatoes and boil them in the meat stock (I used 2 beef bones for it). Remove the cooked potatoes and cut them into cubes. Set aside 200ml of the meat stock for the salad.

In the wok fry the bacon till browned. Remove and drain on kitchen towels. Cut into smaller pieces.

Add some oil in the wok and brown half the onions or shallots. Add in the cooked potatoes and meat stock. Simmer a little and then pour in the oil-vinegar-mayo-mustard mixture, add salt and pepper and stir well. Turn off the heat, add in the remaining onions, bacon bits and spring onions and mix well.

Chill in the fridge (also great warm!!) and serve cold with boiled or grilled sausages.

5 thoughts on “Kartoffelsalat mit Würstchen

  1. MisterFoodie

    Addendum to this entry — try peeling and dicing the potatoes before boiling them in beef broth rather than peeling and boiling them whole. You get more consistent texture and firmness when all the pieces are of a fairly uniform dice, as opposed to boiling whole potatoes which vary in size and cook to varying levels of doneness (some are mushy, some are perfect, some are a bit underdone).

    Tasted just as good if not better when prepared that way. Trust me, I’m the cook. 🙂

  2. Paul Ferrara

    Great looking dishes. I’m going to have to try Thurns franks. I’ve been getting mine at Carfagnas.

  3. Cristie Hurd

    These potatoes and sausage look delicious. Our family’s recipe for German potato salad died with my German grandmother. My mother always raved about the salad, and always meant to get the recipe, but never did. Your salad looks similar to my grandmother’s. Thanks for the recipe.

  4. Maggie

    Looks great! My aunt made a crockpot version of this dish for Christmas that was really good. I haven’t gotten the recipe for it yet, I’ll have to try yours.

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