2008 Retrospective / A Look to 2009

As has become my tradition for the past two years, on the last day of the year I look back to the foodie resolutions I made a year ago, see how I did in keeping them, and put forth a whole new set for the new year. So, without further adieu, here are my foodie resolutions for 2008 and how well I adhered to them.

– I’d like to learn how to bake bread from scratch, kneading by hand. This also includes learning how to make sourdough bread, either from my own starter or one someone gives me.

I didn’t do too well with this one. I made more bread this year, but I used the bread maker.

– I’d like to learn how to make my own cheese and butter using local dairy products.

I did make butter using wonderful Snowville Creamery heavy cream, and it came out fantastic. Still haven’t made cheese.

– I’d like to try my hand at container and small scale gardening, using my deck and part of my back yard.

I did fairly well with this one – I grew tomatoes, peppers, and herbs on my deck, and broccoli, kohlrabi, and winter squash in my yard. I’ve already got hardneck garlic planted for next year.

– I’d like to make at least one 100% local meal per week. In similar spirit, I’d like to try to find as many local sources for food as possible.

I didn’t do as well as I wanted to with this one – in the beginning of the year, I was limited in what I could eat. I didn’t have any problem with eating local for the first part of the summer, but because of the costs of my surgery, nearing the end of the year we were in a budget pinch, and most of my food was from my pantry stores or from Aldi.

– When in town, I’d like to review at least one new restaurant per week.

Not sure if it came out to one a week, but between the posts I’ve already posted and the ones in my drafts folder, I came close.

– I’d like to uncover at least one new to me “hidden gem” in Columbus per month.

I found a few hidden gems, but not one per month.

– I’d like to host at least one dinner party and/or one potluck this year.

Did this, for the meetup group at the end of the summer. It was fun.

– I’d like to take at least one cooking class this year.

Sadly, I didn’t do this.

– I’d like to have at least one romantic picnic lunch/dinner in the park with my husband this year.

This was almost a go, until we realized that we couldn’t bring wine to a public park. I think we ended up doing this in our own backyard.

– I’d like to hit ALL of the local farmers markets (not just North Market, Clintonville, Worthington) at least once this summer.

While I did go to a few new ones this year (Grove City, Pearl Alley, Lancaster, Westerville), I by no means hit all of the locals.

– I’d like to put together a cookbook including my recipes and pictures to give to family and friends.

Still working on this one.

So, all in all, not as bad as I thought I did, but I fell quite short. So what are my plans for 2009?

– Be a lot more proactive about working on the blog. I’m so far behind right now (33 drafts in my folder right now, the events and menus haven’t been updated in like forever, etc) it’s not even funny. I need to devote as much time to the blog as if I were working.

– Take better food photos, and learn how to use a DSLR camera. To this end, I’m starting back at CSCC in a few days to learn photography from the ground up.

– Take a foodie road trip to a nearby city (somewhere within driving distance, like Cincy or Cleveland, western PA, somewhere in Indiana, Kentucky or West Virginia) to check out their food scene and blog about it.

– Learn how to pressure can.

– Cook at least one recipe from each of the cookbooks I own (who needs hundreds of cookbooks if you don’t use them?)

– Work harder at cutting sugar out of my diet. Even though I lost almost 100 lbs this year, I know I could lose more (and break this damn plateau) if I ate less refined carbs/more protein. I want to make my health a priority and lose at least 50 lbs. this year.

– Cover at least one local event per month for the blog.

– Learn how to eat well on a limited budget.

– This summer, visit a local farm for a tour and blog about it.

Well, that’s enough for now. 🙂 What are your food resolutions for 2009?

5 thoughts on “2008 Retrospective / A Look to 2009

  1. Jen

    Hi there, Columbus Foodie!
    I’ve been lurking on your blog for quite awhile and am always impressed by your recipes, not to mention your photos. Thanksgiving looked really great – I am a diehard brie fan.
    I live in Athens but am from Cleveland and have spent lots of time in Columbus. Something caught my eye in this post…
    You mention that you want to take a foodie trip. I highly, highly recommend checking out the Tremont area of Cleveland if you haven’t already. Fahrenheit, Lolita and Tremont Scoops (not as good as Jeni’s) are just the beginning of an incredible weekend of great food. Lots of galleries and boutiques too.
    Athens also has some unique restaurants. Middle Eastern, Italian, local Mexican…the list goes on. A little over an hour away from Columbus, it’d make a great day trip. Best in the spring.
    Just wanted to offer some suggestions. Happy New Year!
    (My resolution, by the way: Go to the grocery with a spending limit!)

  2. beth

    hi — i’ve also been a lurker for some time on your blog. if you’re ever in cincinnati and want to do a foodie meal please let us know!

  3. swampkitty05 Post author

    Beth – I’ll definitely take you up on that next time I make it down there. 🙂

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