Review: Anatolia Cafe

My husband and I are die-hard Middle Eastern food fans, and luckily, we have a lot of choices for that type of cuisine here in Columbus. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that one of our favorite holes in the wall, Anatolia Cafe, offers a weekday lunch buffet. And what a deal it is!

Without knowing exactly what (or how much food) is on the buffet, we ordered one of their meze platters at first, thinking we were going to order a la carte. The meze platter is huge, with lots of different appetizers, both spicy and not, to suit everyone’s tastes.

Meze Platter from Anatolia Cafe

But back to the buffet. For $6.95, one gets more food that one can realistically eat. Let’s start with the soft and crusty pide (Turkish bread), which they bring out to you as soon as you sit down.

Pide from Anatolia Cafe

And soup is part of the buffet! Yay. You need to ask for it, but they’ll bring it right out to you. A nice vegetarian red lentil soup that really hit the spot.

Red Lentil Soup from Anatolia Cafe

And the buffet line? Awesome. Not a ton of different things, but enough to let you have a little of everything. On my plate you see a mix of gyro meat, rice, a very tomatoey chicken dish, their version of moussaka, Greek Salad, what seems for all the world to be a Turkish version of a spinach and cheese quesadilla, just to name a few…

Buffet Plate from Anatolia Cafe

And the buffet also includes dessert, which unfortunately we didn’t photograph. So if you work in the Polaris area, or in the northern reaches of Worthington, this little restaurant set in a strip mall at the intersection of Worthington Woods and Worthington Galena Road (behind the McDonalds) may be just the reasonably priced lunch time option you’re looking for.

If you’d like to go: Anatolia Cafe, 1097 Worthington Woods Blvd, Worthington, OH 614.781.0700

2 thoughts on “Review: Anatolia Cafe

  1. Anne

    Great review – I love that place! It’s our usual stop when serious lamb cravings hit. I sometimes dream about their pide bread.

    I had a soup there once with the lunch buffet… silly me didn’t ask what it was, but it tasted strongly of artichokes and was absolutely lick-the-bowl-clean delicious.

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