Food of Love: Mom’s Pasties

Some people have extreme difficulty expressing their emotions in ways that we can understand. I think we as humans have a strange need to tie love to those three little words – “I love you” when in fact there are so many more ways to express ones feelings. I think rather than shut people out because they don’t communicate the way you want them to, it’s more important to learn how to expand our own thresholds of communication so that we, who are just as damaged emotionally, can pick up on non-verbal ways that those you hold dear show just how much they care.

Mom's Pasties

Case in point – these pasties. Made from scratch by my Mom. Brought out to me through the ice and snow by her, because she knew I’d like them and because she knew I was having a rough day. All I need to know is enclosed in the tender crust and savory filling. It was a hug that I really needed and for that I’m truly appreciative. Thanks, Mom. Even though I don’t say it often enough, know that I love you too.

2 thoughts on “Food of Love: Mom’s Pasties

  1. stacey

    Do you know of any place in Columbus, (other than your mother's house) to get a good pastie? I miss them terribly!

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