Lazy Winter Dinner

One of the misconceptions people (especially readers of my blog) have about me is that I cook every meal from scratch, and don’t make “normal” meals like Hamburger Helper, franks and macaroni and cheese, etc. Nothing could be further from the truth. While it’s true that we do cook more often than a lot of people we know, we too like convenience products. I’d say, in all honesty (at least this time of the year), we cook convenience type dinners (or repeats of our standbys) 3-4 days a week. The other days we’ll try out new recipes, or go out to eat. This is an example of one of our convenience dinners:

Lazy Winter Dinner

One of our favorite places to shop in town is Trader Joe’s – there are so many delicious things there that I can (in my head) come up with meals on the fly as I shop. This one, in particular couldn’t be simpler. Three main ingredients:

Fixins' for a Lazy Winter's Dinner

So tell me, what do you guys do for convenience foods? What are your go-to busy night meals?

5 thoughts on “Lazy Winter Dinner

  1. Jule

    Trader Joe's frozen Fettuccini Alfredo. I toss in some roasted red peppers, or a fresh one sliced up, and some broccoli, and it is easily one of my favorite meals. And all in under 10 minutes!

  2. Eagranie

    What, poutine isn't a convenience food? Maybe not in Columbus – you'll have to visit Canada, eh? We don't have Trader Joe's up here, but I wish we did. The "convenience" food at Trader Joe's is actually pretty close to real food. I'd eat it, anyway.

  3. Kellygrreen

    Here's my super fast dinner for nights when I need to get something easy on the table quickly. Ramen noodle cooked in low sodium chicken broth with frozen chinese vegetables and whatever leftover protein I have. I don't use the seasoning packs; I just season to our tastes. My kids *love* ramen.

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