Review: G&R Tavern

This is a throwback to a warmer time of year, a place I visited last summer that I never got around to blogging about, but a place so special that it’s worth the half hour to hour drive from Columbus to visit. It’s a place of road food legends, covered by national media and a destination restaurant as well as a watering hole for folks local to it. Where am I speaking of? The legendary G&R Tavern in Waldo, Ohio.

G&R Tavern Sign

Although they have a huge menu of just about any type of bar food you can think of, people come from far and wide for their famous fried bologna sandwich. This isn’t just any fried bologna sandwich – it’s a 3/4 inch thick slab of the finest bologna you’ll ever taste – spicy and garlicky and slightly coarse. It’s fried until the outside is browned and crisp and put onto a white bun with the normal condiments of monterey jack cheese, onions, and bread and butter pickles. It’s a combination of taste and texture that works so incredibly well together that it’s downright craveworthy. Sitting at the bar with my sandwich and a side of fries, I was so glad that I made the trip.

Fried Bologna Sandwich

Decor is just what you’d expect for a bar in the middle of nowhere (well, if nowhere is 10 miles north of Delaware) – austere and almost always crowded, so expect a wait at peak hours. Drinks are cheap and plentiful, and service was very friendly every time we went. So if you find yourself traveling north on 23  and get hungry, make the pitstop at the Waldo exit. You won’t be sorry.

Update: If you have enough room left over after dinner, be sure to grab a hunk of pie – this butterscotch cream pie is huge and delicious! Three of us shared a piece and were all quite satisfied with the choice.

Butterscotch Cream Pie from G & R Tavern (Waldo, OH)

If you’d like to go: G&R Tavern, 103 N. Marion Street, Waldo, OH, 740.726.9685

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  1. Bill

    ABSOLUTELY the best bologna sandwich on the planet! We stop there every time we travel to our families in Fremont, OH. It would be a sin not to stop and grab one of these monster sandwiches!

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