Manhattan Sandwich

One of my guilty pleasures lately has been the Manhattan Sandwich at Barry’s New York Deli at the North Market. The first time I ordered it I wouldn’t think the combination of flavors would work, but surprisingly they do.

Manhattan Sandwich

So I’ve been giving my panini press here at home a workout lately – and this one is quite simple. Spread Russian dressing on both slices of rye bread (I usually use a marble rye), and then layer smoked cheddar and corned beef. Grill until browned, and then open it up and put some cole slaw in the middle. A million kinds of awesome.

So tell me, what are your favorite panini sandwiches to make? What combination of flavors really does it for you?

5 thoughts on “Manhattan Sandwich

  1. Jean Collier

    Pesto, sundried tomatoes (actually I use roma tomatoes that I oven dried) and fresh mozzarella…heaven!

  2. Regina

    Along the lines of your panini, I like a good Turkey Reuben with Coleslaw in place of the kraut. I first saw the use of slaw on a sandwich when I lived in Philly, pure genius. My husband is a fan of the turkey/apple/brie combination. We live in Cleveland now and the biggest problem is finding quality bread for paninis…I wish we had a Cosi up here because I think their flatbread is perfect for making paninis.

    Love your blog…we're former Buckeyes and reading about your culinary adventures in Columbus makes us miss it even more!

  3. Maggie

    That sandwich looks great, like a Reuben with coleslaw in place of sauerkraut. It's not a panini but I'm really craving a sandwich I used to get in college it had falafel, cheddar, avocado, ranch dressing and alfalfa sprouts on grilled rye bread. It was the best thing!

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