Scott’s Quick Jambalaya

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I have a confession – I’m a total sample slut. I love going to Costco because I can eat a lunch’s worth of product samples as I shop. I love Trader Joe’s because they always have something out to try, and it’s usually really good. And I’m one of those people who won’t hesitate to impulse purchase whatever it is they’re passing out if it appeals to me. They were passing this stuff out yesterday and it was so tasty (and quick to make) that I picked up all the ingredients needed to make it. And yes, everything needed to make it is available at Trader Joe’s.

Quick Jambalaya

Even though it’s resemblance to real jambalaya is dubious at best, it sure as heck hits the spot, a nice combination of flavors that just really work well together. And for those of you who hate to cook during the work week – it only takes (literally) 15 minutes or so to prepare, including prep time. The only thing I did to change this recipe was to double up on the rice, otherwise it would have been way too protein heavy.

Scott’s Quick Jambalya
recipe courtesy Trader Joe’s

You’ll need:
One bag 70/100 frozen cooked shrimp
One package andouille chicken sausage
Two bags frozen Chimichurri rice
Hot sauce to taste

Thaw shrimp. Chop chicken sausage. Heat all ingredients in saucepan on medium heat until heated thoroughly. Add hot sauce to taste and enjoy!

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