Bananas Foster

I’m super picky about bananas. For eating them out of hand, I like them a bit underripe. Once they start getting brown spots, they start becoming bananas to use in recipes rather than for eating. So needless to say, bananas are a rare commodity in this house. This is one of the recipes I use […]

Fresh Morels = Spring’s Welcome Mat

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I start going a little stir crazy at the beginning of March, when Mother Nature teases us with the fluctuations in weather. One day it’s perfect, where it’s warm enough to grill out and run around in shorts and sandals, and overnight I’m back to hoodies […]

Review: Five Guys Burgers and Fries

As a rule, I generally don’t review chains. This is primarily because I prefer to promote the little guys who don’t have the huge ad budget and give more attention to independent restaurants. Additionally, it’s because when you’re dealing with chains, you can only review the particular location you frequent. Case in point – one […]

Grilled Teriyaki Shrimp Kebabs

I’ve just made the discovery that I do, in fact, like seafood. Just don’t like it when it’s prepared badly. So I’ve been excited to start trying different recipes. This is my first attempt ever at grilling shrimp. I just couldn’t let a beautiful day like yesterday pass by without sitting outside grilling and eating. […]

Slow Cooker Corned Beef and Cabbage

I know it’s traditional to make Corned Beef and Cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day, but I didn’t want to make the same old thing I do every other year. So I found this recipe, which adds a bit more flavor. It was excellent even without potatoes (trying to lay off the carbs somewhat). The flavor […]

Best of Restaurant Week 2009

Wow, was that a whirlwind of a week or what?!? 1 week and 11 meals later, we’re exhausted…and a couple of pounds heavier. But so, so glad that we lived it up during Restaurant Week, because we were introduced to a few new places, had tons of delicious food, had a few old favorites redeem […]

Restaurant Week 2009: Barcelona

Well, Sunday was the last day of Restaurant Week, and as much as I love supporting our local restaurants, it couldn’t have come a minute too soon. Whew – I’m so ready for home cooked food it isn’t funny. Not that I didn’t enjoy every minute of Restaurant Week – I did. I’m just burnt […]

Restaurant Week 2009: Due Amici

For our fifth dinner of Restaurant Week, we stopped by a place on Gay Street that we’ve been wanting to visit for a while, but whose prices put it outside of our comfort zone for eating out except for a special occasion. That’s part of the beauty of Restaurant Week – getting the opportunity to […]