Restaurant Week 2009: Cafe Corner

For lunch yesterday, we went to a place that had been on our radar since last years Taste of the Independents, but had such short hours (9am-3pm) that it made getting in there virtually impossible for our schedules. Cafe Corner is a tiny little place on the corner of 3rd & Pennsylvania in the Harrison […]

Restaurant Week 2009: Surly Girl Saloon

Well, it’s three days into Columbus Restaurant Week 2009, and with six meals down and five to go, I’m still not tired of eating out. I’ve been extremely impressed with the way that all the restaurants have been going all out and showing off their best efforts. From my viewpoint as a critic, it’s heartening […]

Restaurant Week 2009: Banana Bean Cafe

I had a love affair with Banana Bean Cafe when they first opened, as you could see in my original review. I was thrilled that an independent restaurant was creating dishes that were unusual for the area, and that they came up with interesting combinations of flavors, etc. But as the buzz for their previous […]

Restaurant Week 2009: G. Michael’s

Our first stop on the great Restaurant Week tour of 2009 was to eat at G. Michael’s. Our reservations were early enough that we found on-street parking (although they also offer a valet service for $5). But even if we hadn’t found parking close, German Village is a pleasure to walk through, and G. Michael’s […]

Restaurant Week Columbus 2009 Begins!

Yay. Finally, here we are. The start of Restaurant Week in Columbus. New York fashionistas have Fashion Week, but for us foodies, this is pretty much the equivalent. So, at least on my part, expect daily coverage of my experiences. I’m planning on liveblogging from Twitter while I’m at the restaurants (you just need to […]

Hot Tamale Soup

Can I just say that I’m glad that we have a weekend of warm weather to look forward to? Because really, I’m ready to leave the soups behind and get back to grilling. There’s nothing like a bowl of hot soup to warm you up on a cold winter day, though – and this is […]