Restaurant News 3/6/09

In openings, hot on the heels of the success of places like the new Five Guys Burgers up at Polaris comes Burger Boys, which opened this week at 3650 E. Main Street in Whitehall. The menu offers several variations of interesting burgers, with free fries with the signature burgers being one of the draws. Jason’s […]

T Minus 3 Days – Restaurant Week 2009

Well, it seems that most of the menus are up on the Columbus Dine Originals site are up, and what that means for me is that I’ve finalized my reservations for next week. I’ve made the earliest reservations possible on most nights, and I’m planning on doing some live twittering along with a write-up at […]

Review: Pita Hut ‘n Grille

To be honest, I really don’t remember who turned me on to Pita Hut ‘n Grille – it may have been one of the other food bloggers (Lisa or Rosie, perhaps?), it may have been a mention on Columbus Underground, it may have just been word of mouth. All I know for sure is that […]

Review: Maca Cafe

I’d like to think that when it comes to good food, I’m willing to travel. I don’t have to think twice about driving 20 or 40 miles away to eat a good meal. Having said that, I still don’t get out to some of the more outlying suburbs (like Powell, Canal Winchester, etc.) as often […]