Event: Columbus Taco Truck Tour ’09

When the folks over at Taco Trucks Columbus announced that there would be a tour of the west side taco trucks, my husband and I were stoked – after all, this was our side of town, these are all trucks that we visit regularly, and how often does it happen that a fun event happens around here? I’ve long been of the opinion that in a lot of ways, the west side is underrated, and that is especially true when you consider the great food these taco trucks are putting out. So if taco trucks are our claim to fame, so be it. 🙂 And that was one of the things that I was most looking forward to happening during this tour – others falling in love with this food and these people as much as I have.

The tour started at the Little Mexico taco truck on Sullivant, where at least 80 people gathered. The organizers were smart, and gave everyone different maps, which would keep the trucks from all getting swamped at one time. My husband, in his infinite wisdom, decided that even though I was driving the route, he wanted to bike. Even joked about, how with the detour (because of the construction on Clime Rd) and all, he’d even get there before me. Fast forward to about an hour later, when everyone else had moved on to their next destination, and I’m sitting there getting sunburned, with the sound of crickets all around. Bethia and I decided to head next door to the Mexican bakery, and we spy Paul pushing his bike down the road. Apparently, the biking contingent had some really fierce headwinds to deal with, which made bicycling west rather unpleasant. So off we go to Las Delicias, his bike in the trunk. 😉

I had a variation of two tacos at almost all of the trucks we tried (with the exception of Los Potosinos, where we ordered a whole pollo al carbon to go). Here are my asada tacos from Las Delicias:

Taco Truck Tour Columbus Spring '09

The day was extremely hot, and both Las Delicias and Los Potosinos had Nieves, a Mexican shaved ice that was quite refreshing. I tried out the coconut at both, with Los Potosinos having a slight edge.

Taco Truck Tour Columbus Spring '09

The biking contingent of the group and most of the organizers seemed to end up at Los Potosinos, where we spent a good amount of time joking around with Lydia, one of the proprietors of the truck. My husband and I are Los Potosinos regulars, and absolutely love Lydia and her husband. The fun really started when she broke out the sombreros.

Taco Truck Tour Columbus Spring '09

Witness the two amigos, aka Jim and Zach, aka Columbus Foodcast.

Taco Truck Tour Columbus Spring '09

I think amigo #3 was too full to stand. 😉

Taco Truck Tour Columbus Spring '09

Even though I didn’t get to make it to all six trucks, I had a wonderful time. Even (thanks to Jim mentioning it), discovered a pink all-seafood truck named (I think) Muy Chula (loosely translated to ‘very cool’ in Spanish) on Sullivant (in a gas station lot between Wilson and Demorest) that has the most wonderful fish/shrimp empanadas ever, and really good and spicy ceviche and octopus.

Looking forward to the taco truck tour of the east side!

11 thoughts on “Event: Columbus Taco Truck Tour ’09

  1. hungrywoolf

    aghhh my office is so hot, that ice cream picture is both beautiful and torturous. Glad you could came – and that enjoyed it. We have had a great response, so there will definitely be an east side tour.

    You'll have to return to the Otro Rollo when they have the caramel churros! and Lydia has some wonderful new dishes (regional specialities) that I would recommend trying on your next visit to Potosinos.

  2. columbusfoodie Post author

    If you go to the Taco Trucks Columbus blog at http://www.tacotruckscolumbus.com/, they have a bunch of reviews of the different trucks along with a map that shows you where they all are. You can find a big concentration of them on the path the truck tour took – Sullivant to Georgesville to West Broad to Wilson. On the west side, I really love Las Delicias and Los Potosinos. On the north side (which would be closer to you), my favorite truck in town is Taco Nazo, which is on 161 near Maple Canyon (in the parking lot of Lev's Pawn Shop). Low prices, super generous on the high quality meat tacos – have never had a single thing there that has been less than spectacular. The lengua and the ceviche (served on Friday and Saturday) are particular good.

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  4. James Goldman

    OMG- What a gem Los Potosinos is. I lived in Mexico for 2 years and consider myself a "Cartologist" where this "Baja" style chicken is very popular, and the chicken served here is very authenic and comparable. Plus it received the good housekeeping seal from my 12 year old son and foodie running buddy.


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