Review: Chasi’s Place BBQ

Update: Chasi’s has moved to a building near the corner of James and Main (technically on Main, just east of James, right by the motel) on the East side. Keep an eye out for the sign and the smoker outside.

This past weekend was a great one – one full of new food discoveries. Just when I think I’ve had everything that Columbus has to offer, I make one new discovery after another. I’ve been on the lookout for new food trucks ever since Taco Trucks Columbus came to fruition, but this was the first time I’ve ever seen a BBQ truck.

Chasi's Place BBQ Truck

I sent Paul over to scout it out, and was amazed by what he found.

Sign for Chasi's Place

Chasi’s Place BBQ is on Briggs Rd, a little bit west of Briggs High School. It’s run by one Joe Craig, a God-fearin’ Tennessee native who taught himself to cook when he was growing up in a big family. He was so friendly, and a pleasure to speak with, and more than happy to talk barbecue, one of his loves.

Joe Craig of Chasi's BBQ Truck

He lives right across the street, which makes it easy for him to drag over his smoker every morning to fire it up. He prefers using hardwoods because of the superior flavor. On this particular day, he was using cherry. By the time we got there, the ribs had been smoking for hours and were fall apart tender.

Ribs/Smoker at Chasi's Place

But the true test? Is in the eating. A full slab of ribs (actually honest to goodness spare ribs, long and thick with meat) is twice the amount shown below (and you’re only seeing one layer there, there’s actually another layer of ribs in that box), and can easily feed 4 normal people or 2 people with ravenous appetites. They are *the* best ribs I’ve had, ever, beating even those I’ve had down south. Nicely dry rubbed, smoked for hours, and served with a side of his homemade BBQ sauce – totally worth the $20 per slab cost.

Half Slab of Ribs from Chasi's BBQ Truck

He also has perch sandwiches ($6), which were nicely cornmeal breaded and deep fried to perfection. If you’re eating it in sandwich form, though – watch out for the pinbones, of which there were quite a few. It looks like 6 fillets come on a sandwich, so it’s one heck of a value.

Perch Sandwich from Chasi's BBQ Truck

Later on, we also had a smoked chicken ($11, but not pictured), which was also amazing – the flavor went though clear to the bone, and it was unbelievably tender and juicy.

He usually does sides (potato salad, collard greens, etc) but didn’t yesterday, so we’re hoping to stop by again soon to try them.

Who would have thought that you could find the best BBQ in Columbus at a roadside truck? I sure didn’t, but now that I know….

If you’d like to go: Chasi’s Place BBQ, 2686 Briggs Rd, Columbus, 43204, 614.209.8758 (call ahead orders accepted), Tues-Sun 11a-7p.

15 thoughts on “Review: Chasi’s Place BBQ


  2. My co-workers are bbq fans so they will definitely hear about Chasi's.

    There is a truck that opened up at Weber and Indianola in the Weber Market parking lot. Hamburgers, cheese steaks and a few other items but I haven't tried anything yet.

  3. I went today, he is now on James and Main St, had the ribs and perch. The ribs alone are thed greatest, great smokey taste and then if you add the sauce they're off the planet. There is nothing better in Columbus. I have traveled outside of Ohio for some great BBQ but now it is in Columbus. It was a great opportunity to talk to Mr. Craig, he is truly passionate about his BBQ. He is also is planning to move in to the building behind his trailor next week. Said he is planning to add cornbread soon. Can't wait. Had the collard greens and mac n cheese. Great!!!! Don't pass on this it a great stop.

  4. I live on the westside of columbus and Mr. Craig has been serving great BBQ for years, Asked what his secret was he states that he prays over his cooking daily and God bless it.I'm so glad that the word is finally out because this food desires all the praise.

  5. They are over on Main Street, East of Bexley. They have the truck over there at the moment but are opening up a take out place. We came across them when we were following a taco truck lead.

  6. Thanks, Bethia. Did you all get the opportunity to try his food while you were out that way? Fantastic stuff.

  7. we are on main and james we r now in a building but the truck is right outside of the building

  8. Last night the truck was back on Briggs Road. We tried the ribs and catfish and had sides of beans and potato salad. Everything was amazing but oh my God, those ribs were to die for! We will definitely be going back for more!

  9. oh man. tried the ribs and the fried chicken — best i've had in town, easily. nothing's stayed in business in that location for very long… paradise foods had the best run, and then there was some nameless fish and chicken place. KEEP THIS PLACE OPEN, because it's delicious.

  10. Have had a number of trips lately. The ribs and fish are still great. There sides are plentiful, each side is big enough for 2 people and reasonably priced. You want some good sauce with your ribs, this is the place to be. There isn't anything fancy about this place. They just serve great food!!!!!!!

  11. Wow! I'm blown away. I accidentally stumbled upon your blog (just today). I'm like a kid in a candy store as you seem to love my favorite subject! Cooking, recipes and sharing. I will mark this as a favorite. I live in Maine, around the Portland area. I'm a paralegal and love to cook in my spare time. (even when the time reallyisn't "spare" time). I will be back to visit. Let's get to 200 messages very soon! Enjoy and thank you for the warm welcome. Donna from Maine

  12. i must say the ribs and sauce are the best I've had in town!!!!!
    will definitely be going back for more!

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