Farm Fresh and Local Produce 5/2/09

With none of the farmers markets “officially” open for the season yet, I was expecting the markets today to be mainly for plant starts with little else. Imagine my surprise when I found that waking up early was worth it today, as a lot of farmers were out in force at both the North Market and Clintonville with early season veggies in addition to the plant starts.

We got to the North Market shortly after 8:30, and started things out at Wish Well Farms. The color of their grape tomatoes is such a cheery red – acting almost as a beacon the rest of the goodies to be found at the market.

Grape Tomatoes from Wish Well Farms

They also had the most beautiful Ohio asparagus. I picked up about a half a pound. Not sure what I’m planning to do with it yet, but I’m sure it will be delicious.

Asparagus from Wish Well Farms

Lots of cut flowers at Somerset Herbs, including these beautiful tulips.


At Toad Hill Organics, I picked up some arugula (shown below), spinach, and salad greens. I see a nice spring salad in my near future. And maybe some pasta. I was sorely tempted to get a praying mantis nest while I was there, as the insects did a number on my squash leaves last year. I want to keep things as natural as possible – can anyone who has used praying mantises for pest control give me any advice?


Blue Jacket Creamery has a new variety of cheese called Ludlow, an aged cheese that’s a bit reminiscent of Swiss. I picked up some of that, along with some lemon quark.

Ludlow Cheese from Blue Jacket

We headed off to Clintonville, but got stuck inside the perimeter of the Half Marathon, so we sat at the light at Park and Vine for a while. A long while. Eventually, they let us through…

Clintonville had a ton of starts I was looking for, like Sun Gold tomatoes and poblano peppers. Can’t wait to get them into my garden! We also got some bagels and a nice Normandy Rye loaf from La Petite Boulangerie. Snowville Creamery was on hand with samples of their wonderful milk.

Snowville Creamery Milk

And we loved the colors of the creamed honey from Barry’s Bees.

Creamed Honey from Barry's Bees

So it seems the season is off to a great start. It’s amazing how restorative going to the markets are for me. I always forget how much I miss it until the season starts again, and I remember why I enjoy it so much. It’s as much about talking to the people I buy my produce from, people who I haven’t seen since last fall, as it is about the produce itself. I’m so looking forward to when the markets officially open. If you ventured out today, what did you get at the markets?

And right in my own backyard, found while mowing the grass today…morels!! I guess dumping the morel water near an old tree worked. 🙂 I think it helps that the area my subdivision is located used to be an old apple orchard back in the day. And they’re huge! The weirdest part? I didn’t see any when I looked around the yard a couple of days ago. So what that tells me is that all the rain we got this week maybe had something to do with it. I think I’m going out morel hunting tomorrow.

Morels from my Backyard

I’m going to plant the starts I bought this afternoon, and then it’s off to the Slow Food Columbus Pig Roast tonight…what are your weekend plans?

10 thoughts on “Farm Fresh and Local Produce 5/2/09

  1. Nicole

    Thank you for sharing these gorgeous photos!

    So, there are vendors at the market sites even though they're not officially open? Will it be like that every weekend now?

  2. Nicole

    Thank you for sharing these gorgeous photos!

    So, there are vendors at the market sites even though they're not officially open? Will it be like that every weekend now?

  3. Heather

    I bought a mantis pod last year and L O V E D it. In fact, I wasnt feeling like getting up this morning and was frantic and worried there wouldn't be any left as now I consider it an absolute must in our yard. When they first hatched we had hundreds of them on our plants (we have a small 'urban' garden) and then as summer went on- it was great fun to encounter them here and there while gardening. If he has some next week, you must buy one. You will love it.

  4. Katie

    Those tomatoes look really delicious – so red and fresh! Especially when the quality of tomatoes are so bad over here at the moment, it's nice to see really good produce.

  5. LizHill

    I definitely want a mantis pod this year. I encountered the most curious fellow last year and I'd love to control the pests naturally. The farmers markets always renew me.

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  7. Cynthia

    One of the many things I look forward to at your blog is when you go to the farmers' market. I love all the colours you capture. It's like making the trip with you. Thank you.

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