Admin Note: Catching Up

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Despite all of my good intentions, I’ve fallen hopelessly behind on posting. This past weekend, we had out of town family visiting for my sister’s high school graduation, which involved a nice party and a whole lot of fanfare and photo taking. In the midst of all that, road construction crews cut through the DSL trunk line, which left me without the internet for a few days.

So I’ve got tons to talk about, and I’ll try my darndest to get caught up over the next couple of weeks. There’s about 6 months of roundup posts to do, a bunch of events (the Apron Gala, Taste of Dublin, some events at the Hills Market, etc) to talk about, a report on the garden I started, about 10 or 15 restaurant reviews, more recipes than I can even begin to think about, 2 weeks of farmers market reports, my adventures in strawberry picking (and the beginning of a new feature on roadside farm stands in this part of the state), and so much more. So expect a flurry of posts, at the rate of 5 or 10 a day, until we’re back up to speed. And thanks in advance for your patience with me. I know I’ve been a bad blogger.

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