Admin Note: Catching Up

Despite all of my good intentions, I’ve fallen hopelessly behind on posting. This past weekend, we had out of town family visiting for my sister’s high school graduation, which involved a nice party and a whole lot of fanfare and photo taking. In the midst of all that, road construction crews cut through the DSL trunk line, which left me without the internet for a few days.

So I’ve got tons to talk about, and I’ll try my darndest to get caught up over the next couple of weeks. There’s about 6 months of roundup posts to do, a bunch of events (the Apron Gala, Taste of Dublin, some events at the Hills Market, etc) to talk about, a report on the garden I started, about 10 or 15 restaurant reviews, more recipes than I can even begin to think about, 2 weeks of farmers market reports, my adventures in strawberry picking (and the beginning of a new feature on roadside farm stands in this part of the state), and so much more. So expect a flurry of posts, at the rate of 5 or 10 a day, until we’re back up to speed. And thanks in advance for your patience with me. I know I’ve been a bad blogger.

5 thoughts on “Admin Note: Catching Up

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