Farm Fresh and Local Produce 5/23/09

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Still trying to get caught up – this is my report from the farmers markets two weeks ago, on May 23rd. Expect one more report tonight for May 30th, and then back to normal posting with tomorrow’s report posted tomorrow, on the day it actually should be going up…

As usual, we got such an early start that when we got to the North Market around 8am, and not everyone was set up yet. But Mrs. Rhoads was there with her lovely strawberries, and I picked up a quart of these beautiful berries. I love Ohio strawberries in May.

Strawberries from Rhoads

Wish Well Farms had some really nice hot house tomatoes. I see fried green tomatoes somewhere in my near future.

Tomatoes from Wish Well Farms

And as usual, I picked up my weekly dose of shiitakes from Toby Run. I can’t get enough of these mushrooms during growing season.

Shiitake Mushrooms from Toby Run

We got to Worthington fairly early. AJ over at Sassafras had these really cool patriotic flag cookies, very timely for Memorial Day.

Flag Cookies from Sassafras Bakery

And I also picked up a bunch of radishes, to enjoy thinly sliced on hearty bread with butter and salt.


Later on at Clintonville (the first “real” week for the market), I picked up something I thought was kind of original – “red” green onions. They were quite delicious in soup.

Green Onions

I was happy to see the return of Luna Burgers. I had seen them once before at the Columbus Winter Farmer’s Market, but never again after that one time. These are truly delicious vegan burgers, and that’s saying a lot coming from a die-hard meat eater like me. They said that they should be there for the rest of the season, so be sure to stop by and sample their burgers.

Luna Burgers

We got done fairly early, and went on to enjoy the rest of what turned out to be a really beautiful Saturday morning and afternoon.

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  1. Kresnadi Blog Says:

    Hmm the luna burger sounds interesting. I want to try it.

  2. Luey Says:

    I made some fantastic strawberry jam with berries from the North Market farmer's market. So sweet and fresh tasting – didn't even need all of the sugar the recipe called for. They are some of the best strawberries I've ever had!

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  18. EdwaWromy Says:

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