Farm Fresh and Local Produce 6/13/09

Well, I got an early last Saturday morning, but got sidetracked at Taste of Belgium, so really set my schedule behind about a half hour or so. I didn’t leave the North Market until almost 9am. But one of the benefits to sticking around the North Market later than usual is that all of the farmers were set up, and I didn’t have to forgo anything in order to rush out to make it to Worthington in a rush.

This was the first weekend that Mrs. Rhoads had raspberries, and if last year is any indication, she should have them until well into autumn (or at least until the first freeze). I picked up a couple of pints, because who can resist something this beautiful?

Red Raspberries from Rhoads Farms

Another thing I couldn’t resist was this Crispino iceberg lettuce from Wayward Seed Farm. Looks nothing like the anemic iceberg lettuce one finds in the grocery store. And it was perfect this week for making BLTs in an all-local meal along with bacon from Thurns, and tomatoes from Wish Well Farm.

Iceberg Lettuce from Wayward Seed Farm

Off to Worthington, where surprisingly Paul managed to find parking, albeit not in our usual spot (we got relegated to the lot near the church, behind the gas station). Unfortunately, since I got there so late I had to navigate around all the double strollers and huge dogs, which made the whole experience a whole lot pleasant than it normally is. Normally I can relax and be a bit leisurely about it, but the long lines and huge amount of grumpy people made me do more picture taking than buying. So excuse my not knowing where each one of these is taken, but people were getting impatient with my stopping to take pictures, and I didn’t get to tag each one with the location of the booth.

So while I have no idea where these turnips were from, they sure are pretty.


These potatoes, I think, are from HW Organics. I love Yukon golds.

Potatoes from HW Organics

And these sour cherries were from Gillogly Orchard, a place where I go fruit crazy all the time, normally. But remember what I said about long lines? This one was like 10 or 15 deep, and my sour cherry buying can wait a week or so…

Sour Cherries from Gillogly Orchard

Nice carrots from HW Organics. I love when I start seeing root veggies, because it means I can make a lot more meals that are completely local.

Carrots from HW Organics

I did also make it to Clintonville, eventually, but didn’t get many pictures, again because the lines made it nearly impossible to get close enough to take any. As we were leaving, I quipped to my companions, “now you see why I hit the markets early?”. Hopefully tomorrow, I can go back to getting through by 9:30am. 🙂