Farm Fresh and Local Produce 6/19/09

Even though I usually don’t attend any weekday farmers markets, today I went to the Pearl Alley Farmers Market on a whim. My reason for going was twofold – I was desperate for local strawberries after running out a couple of days ago and eating some commercial ones that tasted horrible, and because I’ve been craving Nellie’s Samosas ever since Lisa posted about it on Columbus Underground last summer.

I had Paul drop me off and he set out to find some parking (which he found, although at a premium @ 12 minutes for 40 cents, at a meter on Gay Street). It’s still early in the season, so the produce options are still fairly limited, but I found the strawberries I was looking for almost immediately at the Wishwell Farms booth.


Other than that, there were a few other things that I didn’t end up getting, like these green beans:

Green Beans

and a bunch of sour cherries perfect for pie making.

Sour Cherries

Beautiful radishes that would go perfectly thinly sliced on a hearty slice of bread with some freshly churned local butter and salt.


and beautiful tiny tender sweet carrots.


Now, about those samosas. They so live up to the hype! We got 2 each of the vegetarian and the meat. The vegetarian is blend of potatoes, peas and carrots seasoned beautifully with a curry flavor, wrapped in a nice crisp wonton shell. Easily the best vegetarian samosas I’ve had in Columbus. The meat were where it was at, though. They reminded me of Jamaican meat turnovers, with a curry overtone instead of jerk seasoning. I craved them again almost as soon as I was done. The ladies were nice enough to include a solo cup of the mango chutney for me to try, and it’s the perfect complement to both variations of samosa.

Samosas from Nellie's Samosas

I’ve got to make it a point to make it go to Pearl Alley more often – with farmers markets on both Tuesday and Friday, it’s the perfect weekday diversion.

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  1. Jocelyn

    Have you tried the jerk chicken at Red Snapper yet? They have a booth at the market on Fridays and it is out of this world.

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