Farm Fresh and Local Produce 6/20/09

Wow, this past week just flew by. And I thought I had already uploaded this entry last Sunday. My apologies in getting this to you the day before the next week’s farmers market.

Have you guys had enough of this sweltering muggy weather yet? I know I sure have! And it got really hot last Saturday. Luckily, during the morning markets it wasn’t TOO bad.

As usual, I got up really early, but still managed to get a little behind schedule anyway. Either that, or people are hitting the markets earlier than usual, because all them were already crowded when I got there before they all officially opened.

At the North Market, fruit was the order of the day for me – I picked up some raspberries from Rhoads, and over at Combs Herbs, we picked up some red currants, which my mother included in a batch of tasty cream scones a few days later.

Red Currants

Over at Worthington, I found some really nice Easter Egg radishes. I have a bunch of radishes in my garden, but unfortunately, they don’t seem to be growing even close to the size that these are. Go figure.

Easter Egg Radishes

In addition, I picked up a head of cabbage (which I still have to use, btw). I’m planning on making a dish with ground beef and rice, although I’m not sure what yet.


More delicious baked goods from AJ over at Sassafras Bakery. I can’t resist stopping there every week, and this week was a much bigger haul than usual.

Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies from Sassafras Bakery

And I couldn’t pass by these lovely cherries, which made their way into a clafoutis this week.

Cherries from Gillogly Orchard

New this past week was someone sitting outside of La Chatelaine making crepes. These lemon sugar ones were just awesome, and I’m hoping they’ll be out there again tomorrow. They made a great breakfast.

Crepes from Le Chatelaine

Over to Clintonville, where it was a bit too crowded for my liking. Again, loving the selection, like this rainbow chard.

Rainbow Chard

Sorry about getting this out late, but better late than never, right? What did you get last week? And what are you keeping your eye out for tomorrow?

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