Foodie Failure

While going through my pictures on Flickr, I came across this. Just wanted to post the picture quickly to show you that even us foodies have recipes that come out as an epic fail.

Blueberry/Juneberry Tart

This blueberry/juneberry tart ended up with a crust of sugar on top because the recipe I used called for it to be mixed directly in with the berries before putting it in the oven. For whatever reason, all the sugar migrated to the top where it proceeded to form a hard crusty lump in the center. Think Mt. Sugarmore. Needless to say, this one wasn’t salvagable.

Do you have any memorable kitchen failures to share?

4 thoughts on “Foodie Failure

  1. Kay

    I needed to take something for part of the refreshments for our Bible School one evening, so I decided to add a bit of flair to a box mix of brownies. I mixed it up and put it in the pan like the instructions said. Then, I took some melted carmel and drizzled it over the top, then marbled it. It looked perfect. Then I baked it. When i got it out of the oven, there was no marbling, no caramel anywhere! Here, it had all sank to the bottom and STUCK on the bottom of the pan. I wrecked the pieces as I tried to get them out to put onto a serving platter. We ended up inhaling the whole pan ourselves at home instead and I just took finger jello to add to the refreshment table. 🙂

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  3. Carmel Restaurants

    Big important dinner with big important dinner guests, ok? Trying to impress. It went ok until I got my baked meringue with chocolate sauce for the dessert and everybody tried to eat it. Imagine trying to dig into what looks like a soft, frothy meringue, but is hard as a rock and stuck to the dish as if with crazy glue!

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