Farm Fresh and Local Produce 7/4/09

I’ve managed to get so far behind with these market reports, and for that I apologize. It seems as though the summer has, for the most part, slipped away from me. I think the whole of July passed by without me even realizing it. And it’s almost the end of August now? Summer is almost over! 🙁 So bear with me, and I’ll try my darndest to get these reports caught up over the next week or so.

Amazingly, there was a farmers market on July the 4th. Great timing, too – with everyone having to do shopping for cookouts later in the afternoon. For the most part, things weren’t very crowded and I managed to make the rounds without any problems at all.

One of the things I love so much about produce, and especially about photographing produce, are the vibrant colors. It’s amazing to me that a landscape that was so desolate mere months before is now bursting with colors that span the entire spectrum. I think it’s one of the reasons I go to the markets week after week, even if I don’t particularly need to buy something. There’s just a rejuvenation of the soul that comes along with whole experience for me.

Take, for example, these Easter Egg Radishes. Something so simple, but so strikingly beautiful. And delicious too.


At Combs Herbs, we bought some red currants, which Joe (my mother’s boyfriend) took home with him. My mother made a batch of tender red currant scones. Lovely.

Red Currants

I want to say that these are Snap Dragons, but I don’t know my flowers very well. Any florists among you lot?


And amazingly early (at least to my novice “knee high by the fourth of July” thinking) sweet corn was available. I’m telling you, folks – I really need to build myself a greenhouse. My own garden seems to be weeks, even months behind these farmers crops.

Sweet Corn

Plump and juicy raspberries, which made a fantastic danish.


And the beginning of what (soon after) became an ocean of summer squash. I wasn’t sick of the stuff by this point. 😉

Summer Squash

So did you hit the markets on the fourth of July? Just curious if I’m the only one who goes on the holidays…

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  2. Mrs. L

    We actually did go to a market on the 4th. We were visiting friends up in the Seattle area and they took us to a local market of theirs. Bing cherries. TONS of Bing cherries.

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