Farm Fresh and Local Produce 7/11/09

There are usually a few tell-tale signs that summer is well underway, and that you’ve reached about the midpoint of the growing season. One is that it is hot as all get out. That one didn’t really apply this year, because July was so mild that it pretty much just flew by. The second is the first appearance of stone fruit and heirloom tomatoes.

So I knew what was up when I saw these Mirabelle Plums from The Orchard of Bill and Vicky Thomas at the North Market that fateful Saturday morning. Of course, it *is* an early variety, but it is a stone fruit nonetheless. The beginning of the end, I tell you. 😉

Mirabelle Plums from The Orchard of Bill and Vicky Thomas

Kohlrabi is one of my favorite summer vegetables. I have fond memories of my great-grandfather growing it in his garden, and my grandmother making it with the most wonderful cream sauce. I’ll pick it up just about any time I’ll see it at the farmers market.

Kohlrabi from Combs Herbs

Also that week was the first heirloom tomatoes of the season. I’m more and more convinced that I really need a greenhouse, because these farmers have veggies weeks before they ripen in my own garden. Not that I’m complaining, mind you…

Heirloom Tomatoes

But perfectly in season in July are blueberries. There’s nothing quite like farm fresh, plump and juicy blueberries in baked goods, and we made our share that month!


The appearance of tiny flavorful Sungold tomatoes from Honeyrun Farms at the Worthington Farmers Market made me dance a small jig. Hands down, Sungolds are my favorite part of summer. I pop them like candy. 🙂

Sungold Tomatoes from Honeyrun Farms

One of the things that draws me to the Wayward Seed Farm stands at all three markets (North Market, Worthington, and Clintonville) are the numerous unique heirloom varieties they grow. Because of them, I’ve learned to love beets.

Beets from Wayward Seed Farm

Was also thrilled to see that 2Silos were offering home baked chocolate chips scones, which are a great replacement for the Amish doughnuts they’re not allowed to bring anymore.

Chocolate Chip Scones from 2 Silos

A beautiful day, delicious produce, talking to some of my favorite people. What better way to spend a weekend?

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