Farm Fresh and Local Produce 7/18/09

I’ve been a sucker for sweet corn this season, and have been eating it like it’s going out of style. I mean, seriously – how can you resist something as beautiful as this corn from Persinger Farms?

Sweet Corn from Persinger Farms

Wayward Seed Farms have been selling lots of fruit this year, provided by Eshleman Fruit Farm. I absolutely couldn’t pass by these apricots. I don’t know why, but this summer I’ve been going crazy for stone fruits.

Apricots from Wayward Seed Farm

And I’ve been quite a lot of Mexican cooking this year, and these tomatillos from Honeyrun Farms have been a wonderful addition to so many of the dishes I’ve made.

Tomatillos from Honeyrun Farms

The sunflowers are still out in force, and still, every one I photograph comes out looking like a beautiful painting. If I ever get into creating art, the first thing I’m going to do is paint a sunflower. As a matter of fact, THIS would be the painting I’d do.


I love when cabbage becomes available, as there are certain dishes I make every year, and Flying J Farms cabbage was the centerpiece of the annual stuffed cabbage rolls extravaganza.

Cabbage from Flying J Farms

Ditto with carrots. Is it just me, or have the carrots been much smaller/shorter this year than usual?


Blueberries were still plentiful during this mid-July market.

Blueberries from H-W Organics

I’m not sure why, but July pretty much got away from me. I really wish I had blogged about this as it happened, so I could give you more detail. Where did July go, anyway? Hard to believe we’re already nearing the end of August.

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