Farm Fresh and Local Produce 7/25/09

We got an early start as usual, and got to the North Market around 7:30ish. I have to say, I definitely had a reality check and saw winter squash at the market that day. How could it be? It’s only July! But a definite eye opener to how little summer is actually left.

Sunshine Squash

Mrs. Rhoads had brought in some Bread & Butter Hot Pickled Peppers, which we got to try. Amazing! I’m neither a Bread & Butter pickle (too sweet!) aficionado nor a fan of hot peppers, but I loved this. We got a copy of the recipe from her, and bought all the supplies necessary to make a batch ourselves.

Banana Peppers from Rhoads Farms

At the Wayward Seed Farm stand in Worthington they had apricots from Eshelman’s Fruit Farm, so I bought a bag. While I don’t like the flavor or texture of apricots for eating out of hand, they make fantastic baked goods & jams, and are a great addition to savory dishes.

Apricots from Wayward Seed Farm

Sweet corn was at it’s best at the end of July. I don’t remember it being quite as sweet or juicy in years past. I’ve been eating corn all summer like it’s going out of style.

Sweet Corn

Ditto with garlic. Can’t get enough.


And how many different ways are there to prepare local potatoes? I’m not sure, but I’m determined to find out!


Each week seems to blur into the next, and the only milestone I have to mark weeks off at this point are my weekly (or biweekly) farmers market trips. Bear with me, as I try my best to get caught up.