Farm Fresh and Local Produce 8/1/09

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One of the things I love about produce, and especially about going to farmers markets instead of a regular grocery store, is the vibrancy of color in the produce. You see varieties of fruits and veggies that have never crossed the threshold of your neighborhood Kroger or Meijer or Giant Eagle. Take, for instance, these cauliflower, in unusual colors like purple and orange.

Purple and Orange Cauliflower and Broccoli

One of my serious addictions this year are the fantastic peaches from Rhoads Farm. Their freestone peaches have been to die for this year. So much so that I’ve made midweek trips to Circleville for more when I’ve run out. I’ve been eating 2-3 a day for the past few weeks.

Freestone Peaches from Rhoads Farm Market

I love when there’s finally eggplant available, as it’s so versatile. One of my favorite things to make is homemade baba ganoush. Even my eggplant-hating mother loves my eggplant recipes. I’ll convert her yet!


I always get tempted by dragon tongue beans whenever I see them (they’re so unusual), but have yet to try them. Hopefully that will change soon.

Dragon's Tongue Beans from 2 Crows Farms

These heirloom cherry tomatoes were great for just popping into my mouth randomly. It seems the more you compact a tomato, the more intense the tomato flavor is.

Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes

Lovely multi-colored potatoes from Flying J Farms make a colorful potato salad. A nice dijon vinaigrette were all these babies needed.

Potatoes from Flying J Farms

In addition to our normal three markets (North Market, Worthington, Clintonville), this week we hit a 4th one, and went to the Grove City Farmers market. It’s a mixed bag there, since it’s not completely producer only (bananas grown in Columbus? I don’t think so!), but there are several stands I still love to visit, including Circle S Farms for their dip mixes and other prepared foods.

Canned Fillings from Circle S Farms

Mmm…more sweet corn. Is there such a thing as too much? Not getting sick of it yet, that’s for sure!

Sweet Corn

If memory serves me right, it was hot as heck that day. The heat didn’t last, though – as this year has been one of the mildest summers on record. I don’t mind it personally, but my plants sure would have loved more warm days…

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