Garden Update: May 2009

Gardening is something of a family tradition for us. My great-grandfather (who we called Opa) made a living as a gardener when he emigrated from Germany around 60 years ago, so there was never a time growing up where I can’t remember Opa having a vegetable garden, or a time where I don’t have memories […]

Pimpin’ for Paul

My husband, Paul, has been a tireless supporter of my blogging efforts for the past few years. So much so, that he takes more than a vested interest in the content here – i.e. making things for me to blog about, photographing as much as I do, seeing events as potentially newsworthy, sharing restaurant experiences, […]

Farm Fresh and Local Produce 7/4/09

I’ve managed to get so far behind with these market reports, and for that I apologize. It seems as though the summer has, for the most part, slipped away from me. I think the whole of July passed by without me even realizing it. And it’s almost the end of August now? Summer is almost […]

Strawberry Ice Cream

With strawberries back in the farmers market for at least a couple weeks, I figured now would be as good a time as any to talk about the ice cream we made (our first try at it, believe it or not!) We’ve had an ice cream maker for quite a while, but never enough freezer […]

OLS Week 11: Summery Chopped Orzo Salad

I’ve been harvesting stuff like crazy from my backyard garden. And what better way to use up a fridge full of fresh veggies and beat this horrible heat than to make a cool, colorful orzo salad that has great flavor and texture? This one came out so well that I’m putting it into my permanent […]

Blogger Getaway at the Inn at Cedar Falls

We were fortunate enough to be approached by the Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls to take part in a Blogger Getaway at their facility this past weekend – essentially to be a guest of the inn and take part in events (spa treatment, overnight stay, meals and cocktails, etc) that would allow us to […]

Event: 2009 Ohio State Fair Revisited

We went back to the fair today for a second time (because I really wanted to see the butter sculpture, and some of the agricultural and livestock exhibitions, and because Paul hadn’t quite had his fill of fair food yet. So a few more pictures from the fair today, which when viewed with my last […]

Event: 2009 Ohio State Fair

I’m a fair and festival girl through and through. Growing up in South Jersey, summers were all about fairs and festivals – Italian Festivals, Puerto Rican Festivals, Harvest Festivals, Dandelion Festivals, you name it – there was a festival for it. So it surprises me a bit that in all of my time living in […]