OLS Week 9: Cuban Panini

I missed out on last week’s One Local Summer. It wasn’t that I didn’t make a local meal last week – I did. I just never could carve out the time I needed to last weekend to actually write about it. So I’m joining back in this week with a quick post about one of […]

Foodie Failure

While going through my pictures on Flickr, I came across this. Just wanted to post the picture quickly to show you that even us foodies have recipes that come out as an epic fail. This blueberry/juneberry tart ended up with a crust of sugar on top because the recipe I used called for it to […]

Review: Western Pancake House

As I’ve said previously, we’re always on the prowl for new breakfast joints; places we can go after our Saturday morning farmers market runs, places where we can get off our feet and enjoy a nice meal and each other’s company. After reading the article in the Dispatch about the reopening of Western Pancake House, […]