Taste & Create: Shortcut to Mushrooms

I’ve participated in the Taste & Create event on and off for years now. Basically you cook something from another blog, while they cook something from yours. By luck of the draw, I almost always seem to get paired up with vegetarian blogs. While it still leaves me with a ton of options, I’m sure […]

My Thoughts on Tastecasting

I’ve been aware of Tastecasting for a while now. Since the whole concept started here in Columbus, there’s a fairly active group of individuals that belong and cross my path in a myriad of ways. Some are even readers. Most that I’ve met face to face or traded tweets with are really, really nice people. […]

Summer Squash Scramble

Many of my meals this past summer have been centered around what I’ve grown in my garden. With summer coming to a close, it’s time to tear out what remains of the garden, and I’ve found that this is a great way to use the last of those zucchini and tomatoes, while keeping it healthy. […]

A Moment of Silence…

…to mourn the passing of summer. And to say goodbye to one of my favorite meals of the season, a perfect heirloom tomato with sliced burrata mozzarella on top, dressed with good olive oil, balsamic glaze, basil, and seasoning. Until next year, my dear friend. I shall miss you horribly.

Farm Fresh and Local Produce 8/15/09

It’s crazy how the weeks just all blended into each other, and without my really keeping up with everything, the details of the markets that seemed so sharp at the time seem to be slipping away from me now. Sad, that – part of the reasons I do the farmers market updates is so I […]


I’m a real sucker for Greek food. I first had this dish at Anna’s a few years ago, and was spending so much money getting her version that I decided to find a recipe and give making it here at home a try. This recipe is very close to hers. Galaktoboureko is an interesting dessert […]