Want to Taste the Future?

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One of the events I look forward to attending, year in and year out since 2006, is Taste the Future, Columbus State’s fundraising event to provide culinary students with scholarships. Not only is a fantastic cause, but it’s station after station of delicious food from leading Columbus restaurants.

If you missed my previous coverage, you can view the slideshows for 2008, 2007, and 2006.

I was lucky enough to be invited to a Media Preview Party for Taste the Future last night, where I had the opportunity to nosh on appetizers and meet some of the people involved. There was a spread laid out for us.

We had a really kickin’ hummus:

Hummus with a Kick

A fruit plate:

Fruit Plate

A cheese and cracker plate:

Cheese and Crackers

And the centerpiece of the evening (and also what Elevator Brewery is making this year) was the crab-stuffed scallops.

Crab-Stuffed Scallops

Chef Nate Crockett of Elevator also tried to demo how to make the scallop dish, but the weather didn’t quite cooperate.

Chef Nate Crockett of Elevator Brewery

As a result of the generosity of Columbus State, I’m privileged to be able to give away a pair of tickets ($200 value) to my readers! To enter to win, visit the menu section of the Taste the Future site, and pick out the dish you’d most look forward to trying if you got to go. Leave a comment on this entry with your choice, and please make sure that your email address is linked somewhere so that if you win I can contact you. The contest ends at 11:59PM on September 10th September 11th (yay, contest extended one more day!), and winner will be chosen by a random number generator. You must be able to pick up (or have me drop off) the tickets locally.

Update: RANDOM.ORG chose a #, and the winner is #10, Brittany. Congratulations!

Update #2: Brittany already won tickets elsewhere (with luck like that, girl – you should enter the lottery!), so wanted me to award these tickets to the next person in line. Put the variables through RANDOM.ORG again, and the new winner is #27, Kelly – congrats!

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