DOC Restaurant Week – Fall Edition

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By popular demand, Dine Originals Columbus has decided to bring back the wildly successful Restaurant Week for a fall edition. I went gung-ho this spring, and went to 15 restaurants in 7 days. I won’t be able to be quite that enthusiastic this time around, but keep your eyes open starting Monday night for my Restaurant Week experiences. It will run this time starting Monday the 7th, and ending September 13th. You can view more details and the restaurant week menus on the Dine Originals Columbus site. Prices will be either $20.09 or $30.09 for a multi-course meal. The extra .09 per diner goes to charity, which is a nice touch.

So, I’ve got a little treat for you all. Karen Simonian of Dine Originals Columbus has provided me a $25 gift certificate (that can be used at any one of the 40 Dine Originals Columbus member restaurants) to give away to one of my readers. While this can’t be used during Restaurant Week, it will give one of you the opportunity to maybe try a restaurant you’ve been wanting to. So, how do you get your name in the hat to win?

In the comments section below, let me know either a) if you had to pick one, which Restaurant Week menu is your favorite OR b) about one of your DOC Restaurant Week experiences (from either this upcoming week or the spring edition. The random drawing will take place at the end of Restaurant Week, on September 13, 2009 at 11:59PM. One entry per person, please – and make sure your email address is linked in there somewhere. Bonus entry to those of you who Twitter this contest and leave a comment with your Twitter username so I can verify.

Good luck, everyone – and I hope you enjoy your meals out as much as I will!

Update: I threw everyone’s name (including bonus entries) into Random.orgĀ  and the winner is #3, Lynz. Congratulations!

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