Restaurant Week Fall 2009: Milo’s Deli

As part of our desire to do Restaurant Week recession-style, more than half of the places we visit this week will be $20.09 or less for the pair of us. This is one such place.

Milo’s Deli is located on West Broad in Franklinton, just a few blocks west of Mt. Carmel West Hospital. Franklinton is a much-maligned but underappreciated neighborhood, chock full of history. I happen to think it’s a diamond in the rough, similar to the Short North circa 1995. I’m hoping that due to it’s proximity to downtown, like the Short North, it will eventually show some revitalization. Places such as Milo’s will go a long way toward making that wish a reality.

Easily accessible since it’s on Broad Street, there is no shortage of parking, as there is both plenty of on-street parking and Milo’s also has it’s own lot off to the side.

Milo's Deli Sign

Upon walking in, we saw that the Dine Originals special was prominently displayed. We went around the side to order, talking to the slightly standoffish but otherwise helpful cashier. After paying for your order, you seat yourself, and wait for them to call you.

The special this week is 2 Milo’s Reubens, 2 side salads, 2 drinks and 2 cookies for $20.09. While this is very similar to their regular price (you can buy the sandwich/side/drink combo normally for $9.75), it is one heck of a value for the amount of food. Both Paul and I left there absolutely stuffed. The Milo’s Reuben that was the centerpiece of both of our platters was one of the better ones I’ve had – good meat to bread ratio, nice combination of meats (corned beef, turkey and pastrami), nicely grilled, hearty rye bread that had properly chewy crust, and good balance among all the other toppings. It is very similar to the sandwich offered by a well known deli in town, but at a fraction of the price. The sandwich is a static offering during Restaurant Week, but there are quite a few other choices otherwise – about 6-8 different types of drinks including fountain soda, several different potato and pasta salads to choose from for your side, and about 6 different types of cookie.

Special Menu at Milo's Deli

I went with the combo of Reuben, Redskin Potato Salad, Chips and Sugar Cookie. The redskin potato salad is sour-cream based, with a bit of dill, and the generous portion was quite enjoyable. The requisite dill pickle was crunchy and had good flavor. And the sugar cookie was the size of a softball, and extremely moist.

Reuben, Potato Salad, Chips & Sugar Cookie at Milo's Deli

Paul went with the tortellini salad, which is cheese tortellini with fresh veggies and an Italian dressing, and an oatmeal raisin cookie, which was also huge and full of traditional oatmeal raisin flavor.

Reuben, Tortellini Salad, Chips, and Oatmeal Raisin Cookie at Milo's Deli

The regular menu at Milo’s is huge, and we hope to go back soon to experience more of it. I was surprised that such a deli existed in Franklinton, and can see why it’s extremely popular with hospital employees. I can only hope that people won’t be put off by the location and venture over to give it a try. It certainly is worth a visit.

If you’d like to go: Milo’s Deli & Cafe, 980 W. Broad St, Columbus (Franklinton), OH 43222, 614-224-0104

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  2. Jared R.

    I tried this place for the first time last Restaurant Week. It isn't in an area I frequent often, but after trying it, Milo's is definitely on my radar.

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