Restaurant Week Fall 2009: The Top Steakhouse

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I can’t tell you enough how much I love The Top – basically because it hasn’t changed for 50+ years. Same menu, same retro ambiance, same great service, same wonderful food. I always know that I’ll go there and have an awesome experience. So I’m so very psyched that they’re part of Dine Originals Columbus and take part in Restaurant Week.

The door at The Top Steakhouse

The one benefit to Restaurant Week being held in September vs. being held in March is that almost all of the restaurants we’ve visited have their patios open. The Top was no exception – I love eating out there because inside, it’s so dark you can barely see your food. Outside, you get to see how beautiful the presentation is under the full spectrum of daylight.

The Patio at The Top Steakhouse

The Top’s menu for Restaurant Week is virtually unchanged from March’s menu – with the exception of one of the desserts, it IS the same. Not a problem, since we were so incredibly pleased with our meal in March. And in a twist of fate, we had the same server, too. We were thrilled that Emily remembered us, along with some of our preferences during that meal.

The Top Steakhouse Restaurant Week Menu

Every meal at The Top starts out with a relish tray. We love this, as unusual as this seems.

Relish Plate at The Top Steakhouse

We loved, loved, loved the bread basket that night – fluffy pillows of honeyed yeasty deliciousness that we couldn’t get enough of. This may be part of the reason I filled up so quickly, even though we only had 2 rolls each. They were served with a soft whipped butter that spread so easily and melted slightly into the still warm rolls.

Dinner Rolls from The Top Steakhouse

For his appetizer, Paul chose the escargot. Neither one of us had ever had escargot before, and we both absolutely loved them. The snails themselves are reminiscent in taste and texture of a really earthy mushroom, and they are swimming in a garlic-butter-cheese combination that totally rocks. Once you’ve plucked the escargot out, you dip the accompanying toast into the garlic butter to soak up the evilness that is the combination of all the flavors.

Escargot from The Top Steakhouse

I went with my eternal favorite at The Top, the French onion soup. I’ve been known to stop in for this soup alone. Imagine a slightly boozy, beefy broth, chock full of sweet caramelized onions and croutons, and topped with melted cheese. Theirs is easily the best version of this dish I’ve had.

French Onion Soup from The Top Steakhouse

For the salad course, Paul went with the House salad, which tops salad greens with all manners of veggies, blue cheese, and an Italian dressing. Simple, but delicious.

House Salad from The Top Steakhouse

My Caesar salad could easily be an entree unto itself. Mounded high on a dinner plate (yes, that is not a salad plate!), the crisp romaine lettuce is tossed in a mayonnaise-based creamy Caesar dressing, croutons, and Parmesan cheese. With the addition of a little salt and pepper, it was very satisfying. So satisfying that I got full about halfway through eating it. I realized then I should have passed on seconds on those rolls. ;)

Caesar Salad from The Top Steakhouse

We both went with the Surf & Turf for our entree – in both cases, the lobster was slightly overdone and the steak was very underdone (I like mine still mooing, essentially, and it was less done than that). Paul sent his back to the kitchen to be refired, which they did without question, and it came back out perfectly the second time around. Since I was taking my steak and potato home to eat later, I chose to have mine boxed as is, so that when I reheated it later, it would be done to medium rare.

Surf 'n Turf at The Top Steakhouse

Not part of Restaurant Week, but my husband absolutely had to have the Potatoes au gratin side – he’s had this before at Taste of the Independents and loved it.

Potatoes au Gratin from The Top Steakhouse

For his dessert, he chose the Funnel Cake with ice cream and fresh strawberries. Fair food kicked up a notch, this was like an ice cream sundae on steroids.

Funnel Cake from The Top Steakhouse

I went with a classic creme brulee, and found it amusing that Emily had remembered what I said last time around about the sugar not cracking properly if you do it in advance of dinner service. This time around, it was absolutely perfect.

Creme Brulee from The Top Steakhouse

I’ll never, ever turn down a meal at The Top – and to dine there with a discount? Bonus!

If you’d like to go: The Top Steakhouse, 2891 E. Main Street, Columbus (just east of Bexley), 614-231-8238

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  3. Jen Says:

    We went to the Top Steakhouse on Friday night & loved the food, but our service was horrible! I NEVER complain about service, but this was bad–we sat outside on the patio which was nice, but our server had our one table outside, and a party of 22 inside. Needless to say, we SELDOM saw her. After finishing dessert, we waited for 35 MINUTES to get our check, only after my boyfriend began asking other waitstaff to track her down. Then when she came to the table, she was hardly apologetic. Neither of us has ever had such poor service, but in spite of that we would go back. Should she be our server again, we will ask for someone else. The $30 price was fantastic–we got so much food and it was sooo good! The patio was also lovely.

  4. mycolumbusohioblog Says:

    I'm going to The Top next time I have a date night! Thanks Columbus Foodie for opening my eyes! I didn't know anything about The Top but always heard about it. Great review!

  5. Dana Says:

    Wow… your experience was quite different than ours. We made reservations for 7:30 p.m., and when we arrived had just a short wait for a table. There seemed to be confusion in the wait staff assignments as two different servers told us that it would be "just a minute", then 15 minutes later both came over (one right after the other) to get our drink orders. One of the servers identified herself as related to the owners.

    We did not receive a relish tray, and since it was our first visit, we didn't know to ask.

  6. Dana Says:

    Having reviewed the menu prior to arriving, our group was quite ready to order, but even after our drinks arrived, no one took our order. We had been in our seats for almost 25 minutes before our dinner order was taken.

    The food was good, but we saw tables around us come and go before we received our entrees. It should come as no surprise then when I report that the advertised desserts were unavailable at the end of our meal. The new choices were NY Cheesecake (plain) and a phyllo pastry with marscapone filling and strawberry topping. Both uninspired and disappointing….

    We walked out the door 2 hours and 45 minutes after our 7:30 start time, certainly full but not satisfied.

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