Farm Fresh and Local Produce 8/15/09

It’s crazy how the weeks just all blended into each other, and without my really keeping up with everything, the details of the markets that seemed so sharp at the time seem to be slipping away from me now. Sad, that – part of the reasons I do the farmers market updates is so I can look back at my entries in January and February when the winter is the coldest, and give myself something to look forward to. Because I checked out (in more than one way) this summer, I won’t have that next year. Sorry about that, guys.

Nothing much to say as far as details with regards to these pictures – just one comment to make on them – the yellow produce below are heirloom cucumbers. I was heartened to see many more heirloom varieties in the markets this year. So I’ll just leave you wish the sights of a random summer market in August. 🙂

Various Hot Peppers

Lettuce Mix

Heirloom Tomatoes from Combs Herbs


Sungold Tomatoes

Heirloom Cucumbers

Strawberries from Crum's

Hopefully the pics I have of the other markets for that month will jostle my memory a little better.