Restaurant Week Fall 2009: Banana Bean Revisited

Given that Banana Bean Cafe had rolled out a whole new menu just weeks before with many different new options that we had never tried before, we thought that Restaurant Week, given the incredible value, was the perfect time to try them. When else would we get the option to try 2 brunch entrees + an app we weren’t familiar with for $20.09? We made the decision to go back again on Saturday morning after doing our farmers market run.

Unfortunately, our second experience didn’t go QUITE as smoothly as the first.

Even though it’s not a new menu item, we had never tried the Sarotogo Chips, which by the description, sounded a lot like Banana Bean’s version of the Maytag Blue Cheese on potato chip app over at Cap City. So that’s pretty much the expectation we had. Banana Bean’s version just didn’t do it for us. The chips were soggy, not crispy at all – kind of like a strange cross between home fries and chips, and they were topped with a thin, cold alfredo sauce and cold blue cheese. While we ate them, we didn’t really enjoy them. If we ever ordered this again, it probably wouldn’t be early after they open.

Saratogo Chips from Banana Bean Cafe

Our waitress had punched our order in wrong on the computer, so instead of getting what I ordered, I was served the Enchilada omelette. I sent it back immediately, so I can’t tell you how it tastes, but just figured since it made it to our table I may as well take a pic of it before it went back to the kitchen. It looks good enough that I may order this in the future.

Enchilada Omelette from Banana Bean Cafe

Paul ordered Grandaddie’s Chicken and Waffles, which would have been really good had there been more of the apricot syrup – the waffles are dense enough that they needed the extra moisture. The underlying flavor was solid, though – especially the chicken, which would be fantastic on a salad of some sort. With that one minor modification, this dish would have gone from “meh” to good.

Grandaddie's Chicken and Waffles from Banana Bean Cafe

I went with the North Shore Seafood Omelette. While there is a decent amount of seafood in this dish, the flavor fell a little flat for me – the sauce it’s served with doesn’t really pop, or bring out the natural sweetness of the scallops or shrimp. With some minor modifications to the seasoning/sauce, though – this one could be a contender.

North Shore Seafood Omelette from Banana Bean Cafe

We’ve been having fairly good experiences at Banana Bean Cafe since they’ve moved to Greenlawn, but I think they’re going through a tweaking process with the new menu. Hopefully a little bit of constructive criticism will help them refine what is a solid menu into a fantastic one.

If you’d like to go: Banana Bean Cafe, 340 Greenlawn Ave., Columbus, OH 43223, 614-443-2262

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7 thoughts on “Restaurant Week Fall 2009: Banana Bean Revisited

  1. Elaine

    Thank You Becky, you know we welcome constructive criticism adding new dishes and training the stafff to exicute it properly does take a minute. Having so many options sometimes makes it difficult to train and maintain but we do work hard and making sure people enjoy the food. If ever you or anyone is not happy with the meal Please let the kitchen know that is the only way we can make changes, example the Sea Food Omlette I am was not getting the taste that I wanted due to the wine that I was using in the sauce, I have made that change and I like the flavor much better. So I hope you would order it again and let me know.

  2. columbusfoodie Post author

    Elaine, thanks for taking the review in the manner in which it was intended. 🙂 I know you guys will iron out the kinks, and know the issues I had were because of the menu still being so new. I have no doubt that it's just a matter of the time needed to fine-tune everything.

  3. Chet


    First, of all, the waitress told us that they didn't have chips and salsa for happy hour, but we did get the $2 margaritas which were very good. Secondly, she told us that they didn't have potatoes, or goat cheese, so that eliminated several items on the menu. Some items on the menu were already x'd out, and it was explained to us that they simply forgot to erase the marks.

    10 minutes after getting out drinks, the chips and salsa surprisingly made an appearance. Chips were good but a little too salty, salsa also good but a little too spicy.

    End of part one

  4. Chet

    Part two

    Anyway, I had the Fun Guy Burger, which really needs another name. I asked for medium and got a nearly well-done burger, which was a bit dried out. I could have sent it back but decided to go for it. All-in-all better than average, but nothing special. The pan-fried mushrooms were a little to sweet for my taste and overwhelmed the flavor of the beef.

    My wife got the Mini Crab Burgers, which she found to be somewhat lacking in taste. This is probably not really fair since we are originally from Maryland where crabcakes are an art form.

    Service was fine, very few customers early on a Monday evening. Overall we were disappointed, perhaps our expectations were too high.

  5. Disha

    I have been to Banana Bean Cafe and I found this place quite good.Well I could not taste all the dishes that you did but I must tell you, Enchilada omelette is very delicious, you should not have avoided it. Thanks

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